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BabyOrgano X Bebe Burp Travel-Friendly Combo

1pcs BabyOrgano Toothpaste, 1pcs BabyOrgano Cold Roll-on, 1 Pcs Bebe Burp Cookies, 1 Pcs Bebe Burp Puffs, 2 Pcs Bebe Burp Grab & Go Travel Pack

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✅ Wintergreen Oil: Relieves Sore Throat & Easy Breathing
✅ Eucalyptus Oil : Helps to get the mucus out of your Chest
✅ Peppermint Oil : Relieves Sore Throat
✅ Mulethi : Protection against Cavities
✅ Khadir : Helps to prevent Tooth Decay
✅ Peppermint : Excellent cleaning on Children’s Teeth & Gum
✅ Babool : Strengthen the gums

Product Description

To make travelling with kids super easy and friendly, We team BabyOrgano & Bebe Burp  have specially curated a travel-friendly combo pack that is super convenient, and easy to carry.

Happy Travelling!

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