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BabyOrgano Immunity Booster Super Saving Combo (Pack of 2) | Immunity, Concentration & Memory booster for the kids | Contains 24ct Gold Ash for best Results

Immunity Booster for Kids upto 15 years, made with 24K Pure Gold Extract and 10+ Ayurvedic Herbs. AYUSH and FDCA Approved

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✅ Swarna Bhasma : Boosts Immunity System
✅ Brahmi : Enhance memory and Concentration
✅ Shankhpushpi : Improves digestion and boost appetite
✅ Vacha : Increases overall physical and mental health
✅ Chitrak : Naturally nourishes the skin
✅ Majishtha : Helps to recover body from illness

Product Description

Swarnaprashan is a powerful gift of Ayurveda made with 24 karat gold ash and 10+ Ayurvedic herbs, which helps to improve immunity in children. BaalPrashan swarnaprashan  is 100% Ayurvedic product with no artificial chemicals, preservatives or sugar syrup. It contains highly curated ayurvedic herbs like

Brahmi: which helps to boosts immunity naturally,

Shankhpushpi which helps in developing a strong memory,

Vacha which improves mental health and

Manjistha which works as a detoxifier.

Perfect blend of these herbs helps the body of a child to properly heal and prevent illness. Daily dose of Swarnaprashan helps to prevent recurring cold, cough, fever & help children to grow up into strong and healthy individuals.

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