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How to put a colicky baby asleep

How to put a colicky baby asleep

It usually gets hard to handle babies with colic and parents need to be patient when going through this situation. Certainly, colicky babies to do not sleep more or for long stretch of period. Extremely colicky babies sleep very less throughout 24 hours of period as compared to the ones that are not suffering colic. There are few things mentioned below that you can do in order to make your child sleep.

Creating a routine for a colicky baby is the best option to help them survive for first few months without any stress and getting sufficient amount of sleep. Routines tend to work really very good for infants and younger children as they help them to predict what happens next.

Comforting a baby in pain is very obvious, but it’s important to recognise how to comfort a colicky baby. While we help colicky babies to sleep they miss out on self-soothing them and they get habit of getting a help to fall asleep which also means we are enforcing wrong sleeping habits. So even after the colic is cured, these babies can’t sleep well. However, they must learn how to put themselves to sleep independently.

Track the time: For colicky babies, you need to pay attention to their routine and time like at what time did the baby sleep or had his food what time of the day the baby is settled and these record can help you understand the patterns.

Baby’s sleep cues can be confusing: At times they suffer tiredness, sleeplessness, hunger or colic cramps and cry similar in almost all the situations. It can be confusing for you to make out the reason why they are crying and it gets hard to understand what they are trying to convey.

Naps should be taken: Make sure baby takes nap during the day time which might help them release their tiredness. Take your baby to dim lighted room with silent atmosphere which soothes him and it helps the baby to recognise that it’s time for bed.

After feeding your baby make sure there is a time gap between meal and bed which includes some activities which makes it easier for the baby to deal with colic.

You can also use which is made with natural and organic ingredients that helps baby to calm down colic cramps and get a good sleep.

Setting up a schedule for baby’s meal and bed time is the best option and helps them get on routine and will lead to better digestion and reduced pain.