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Frequently Asked Questions

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan

What are the health benefits of taking Suvanraprashan every day?

It is good habit of taking Suvanraprashan(Swarnaprashan) every day because it develops strong immunity in kids which acts as a protective shield against the seasonal diseases. It progressively improves excellent memory and effective concentration.

What is Pushyanakshatra?

Pushyanakshatra is considered very well to perform all auspicious activities and considered auspicious according to Hindu religion. The rays emitting on the Pushyanakshatra day doubles the medicinal values present in Gold. As BaalAmrut has Gold Ashes it improves overall body growth of babies.

I want to know more about Baalprashan.

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan (suvarnaprashan) is an immunity booster drops intended for the children of age 0 to 15 years. Its key ingredients carefully develop a strong immunity in kids which acts as a protective shield against the seasonal diseases. It progressively improves excellent memory and effective concentration.

Do you make it on Pushyanakshtra or any day?

Yes, every batch of Our Baalprashan Swarnaprashan Drops are specifically made by checking Nakshatra and Time.

How to Use Baalprashan Swarnaprashan Drops?

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan drops can be given regularly on an empty stomach every morning or on Pushyanakshatra. Do not serve any food or liquid to your child for the next 30 minutes.

I want to know more about Baalprashan Swarnaprashan Drops.

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan (suvarnaprashan) is an immunity booster drops intended for the children of age 0 to 15 years. Its key ingredients carefully develop a strong immunity in kids which acts as a protective shield against the seasonal diseases. It progressively improves excellent memory and effective concentration.

Will Swarnaprashan heat the body?

There are no significant changes in the body temperature in normal condition. However, in case of fever and other illness, it may show some changes in body temperature. It is advised to consult the doctor first before giving it to the child in these situations.

Are ghee and honey together can harm a human body?

According to research and studies, when honey and ghee are mixed in equal proportion, the power of antioxidants gets increased. It becomes helpful rather than harmful.

Is Swarna Prashana alone enough for improving health?

Swarna Prashan can be supplemented with other health drinks and food like chyawanprash. Healthy and freshly cooked home foods are always vital for the healthy development of a human body.

My baby is 3 years old so can I give to him?

Yes. It is mainly made it for the kid’s age 0 to 15 years.

Herbal ChocoVita

How to use Herbal ChocoVita?

Take a Glass / Mug of cold or lukewarm Milk (200ml). Add one tablespoon / 10gm Herbal ChocoVita. Stir or Shake it until you have a uniform mix. It can be consumed directly.

Who can use Herbal ChocoVita?

BabyOrgano Herbal ChocoVita can be given to anyone aged 1 to 10 years.

Can we mix this granule with honey instead of milk?

No, this granules can only use with lukewarm milk or you can consume it directly.

How it tastes? Will a two year like the taste?

Yes, it comes in yummy Chocolate flavour.

Is this product helpful in build immunity & weight gain?

Yes it is enriched with 15+ powerful ayurvedic herbs that fulfill the daily nutrition needs of growing kids.

How many doses for 1+ year kid?

10gm. once a day for kids aged 1+ year.

Can it be give directly or with milk?

You can be consumed directly or with lukewarm milk as per age of kid.

Herbal Kids Toothpaste

How to use Herbal Kids Toothpaste?

Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, brush gently than rinse with clean water Supervise child’s brushing and rinsing to minimize swallowing Brush teeth twice a day, in the morning and at night after meals.

When should I use BabyOrgano Herbal Kids Toothpaste?

You can start using BabyOrgano Herbal Kids Toothpaste once the baby attains the age of 6 months.

Is BabyOrgano Herbal Kids Toothpaste safe if swallowed?

Yes. The presence of Yashtimadhu (Mulethi) and other ayurvedic ingredients makes it absolutely safe and beneficial even if accidentally swallowed.

Is Herbal Kids Toothpaste available in different flavors??

No. As of now it is available in only Strawberry flavour.

Does BabyOrgano Herbal Kids Toothpaste have fluoride?

No, BabyOrgano Herbal Kids Toothpaste is 100% free from SLS & Fluoride.

Is BabyOrgano Herbal Kids Toothpaste available in different sizes?

BabyOrgano Herbal Kids Toothpaste is available in a 50g pack.

Who can use this toothpaste?

BabyOrgano Herbal Kids Toothpaste recommended age is 6 months to 12 years.

Natural Cold Relief Roll On

How to use Natural Cold Relief Roll On?

Gently roll it on baby’s clothes, chest, back and bottom of the feet. For the blocked nose, apply it on a fresh cloth and keep it aside the baby so baby can smell it. Reapply it every 2 to 3 hours till symptoms subside.

Is there any specific time-gap to reapply this roll-on?

There is no specific time-gap to follow. You can reapply as per to the need and requirement. It will not harm your baby.

Who can use natural cold relief roll on?

BabyOrgano Natural Cold Relief Roll-On can be used by the infants of age 3 months and even by the adults.

Can this product be used by the adults?

Yes, adults can use BabyOrgano Natural Cold Relief Roll-On.

Hing Roll On

How to use Hing Roll On?

Apply Hing Roll On directly on baby’s tummy around the navel area then gently massage it in a circular motion. Keep applying it every 2 hours as needed until baby feels better.

Where can I apply BabyOrgano Hing Roll On?

It should be applied on belly, around the navel area (nabhi).

How many times in a day Hing Roll On can be used?

Ideally, it should give an instant relief. But if it doesn’t give an instant relief, you can reapply this roll on 4 to 5 times in a day.

When this Roll on needs to be applied?

Whenever your child feels bloated or cries due to colic pain, apply this roll-on.

Who else can use BabyOrgano Hing Roll On?

A woman during her Menstruation cramps. Infants and kids, when feeling, colic, bloated and constipated

What is the use for body?

BabyOrgano Hing roll on helps in digestion and reducing acid reflux.

Hing Roll On lasts how many days?

Depending on the use…its texture is of thin should last you almost a month or more if used daily.

Soothing Baby Massage Oil

How to use Soothing Baby Massage Oil?

Warm a few drops of oil in your palms by rubbing them together. Apply the oil on your baby’s body and keep massaging in gentle circular motion until the oil blend gets slowly absorbed.

Can we use this oil before bath or after bath?

I apply before does not smell as pleasant to be applied as after bath massage. Having said that, it really moisturizes well even as a before bath massage.

How often can I use this massage oil?

This massage oil can be used twice in a day. First, before your baby’s bath and second, before your bedtime at night.

Who can use?

BabyOrgano Soothing Baby Massage Oil can be used by newborns as well as by the kids’ up to the age of 5 years.

Does it leave a greasy feeling after its application?

It has the goodness of ayurvedic herbs and natural ingredients like Almond Oil, Olive oil, and Wheat Germ Oil. It provides nourishment to the skin by keeping it oil-free and non-sticky

Does it have a long-lasting effect?

Under normal weather conditions, it can provide skin moisturization for long hours.

Can use it for baby face?

Yeah surely you can. It’s quite safe as it is without the chemicals.

Will it help in strengthening bones also?

According to medical experts, body massage helps in bones & muscles strengthening, moisturization of skin, and in proper circulation of blood.

Is there available more than 100ml package?

Referring to your concern, we would like to inform you that BabyOrgano Soothing Baby Massage Oil comes in a pack size of 100ml and it is not available in any bigger pack.

Tomatino Baby Shampoo

How to use Tomatino Baby Shampoo?

Take a small amount of amount of shampoo in your hands. Apply it on the damp scalp of your baby and create lather. Rinse it off with water and dry with a clean and soft towel.

Who can use?

BabyOrgano Tomatino Baby Shampoo is safe to use from Day 1 of the newborn.

Is BabyOrgano Tomatino Shampoo available in sizes?

No, as of now it is only available in the nest quantity size of 100ml.

What is difference between Gentle Baby Wash & Tomatino Shampoo?

Shampoo is specially formulated to moisturize scalp and make hair soft. Head to toe is a body wash which can be used on both body and head since it’s tear free too. So if you are looking for a special shampoo then goes for it else head to toe is fine for all over use.

Can baby use this shampoo? Does it make rich lather?

Yes of course. I am a fan of BabyOrgano products. It is the best natural & Ayurvedic products. Tomatino Baby Shampoo provides the best nourishment to your baby’s hair. Then don’t think just go for it.

Does it soften baby’s hair?

Yes. It’s great on baby hair, after each and every wash, it adds lustre to the hair keeping them soft and smooth.

Gentle Baby Wash

Who can use?

BabyOrgano Gentle Baby Wash is safe to use from Day 1 of the newborn Ideal For: Infants, Toddlers and School going Children.

Is it paraben free?

Yes its paraben free and quite good as compared to other products in its category.

Can it be used on the face?

Yes, BabyOrgano Gentle Body wash is good to be used from head to toe.

Is it irritating to the eyes?

No, it is formulated with tear-free formula. Hence it will not irritate your baby’s eyes.

Is it moisturizes dry skin in 5month old baby in winter season?

It has Pro Vitamin B5 that moisturises the skin and doesn’t dry the skin at the time of bath. If you are looking for a moisturiser please see our

By what age I can start using baby wash on my child?

BabyOrgano Gentle Baby wash is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients and it is safe to baby from day 1 of its birth.

How to use Gentle Baby Wash?

Pour Gentle Baby Wash onto a wet sponge or hands and apply to baby’s skin. Lather, rinse and repeat, if necessary

Natural Ubtan

How to use Natural Ubtan?

Take the required quantity in a bowl and mix it with Water / Rose Water / Curd / Milk. After 3-4 min, apply to all over moist skin. Rinse off while scrubbing gently.

At what age it should be used?

You should start the use of Natural Ubtan on babies over 1 month.

My kid has darkness around his neck; does it help to remove it?

Yes it will be helpful but it takes a longer time and required daily use because it’s a natural process.

Do it lighten skin tone?

Lightening skin tone and tan removal are 2 different things. This face pack helps in tan removal and glowing skin.

Is this pack suitable for every skin type?

Yes it’s suitable for all skin type.

Can ubtan is useful to fair the skin?

Its helps to remove blemishes and reducing tan in everyday use and it protect skin cells from free radical damage and keep it healthy.

Can ubtan is helpful to make skin soft?

Yes, Natural Ubtan helps to soften the skin and gives the baby a soft texture.

Can this product be used by the adults?

Yes. Adults also can use Ubtan for smooth skin.

By what age I can start using Ubtan on my child?

BabyOrgano Natural Ubtan is made from 100% natural ingredients and it is safe for baby after a month of its birth.

Nourishing Baby Lotion

How to use Nourishing Baby Lotion?

After every bath, warm the lotion in the palms of your hands, apply on your baby’s body and massage gently.

Who can use?

BabyOrgano Nourishing Baby Lotion is safe to use from Day 1 of the new-born.

Where can we apply this baby lotion?

It can be applied on full body.

How many times in a day we can use it?

You may repeat the application after 12 hours or as and when it is needed.