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Ways To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

Ways To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

Digitalization has undoubtedly leveraged technology across the globe. Tasks happen at your fingertips, and you can get everything at your doorsteps. Modern-day technology has also attracted kids either through their studies or with the numerous digital distractions. And now, when the toddlers have developed the screen culture, it has become a conundrum to frame the screen-time limits.

But the question many parents have is, how much time is too much screen time for the kids. As per the studies, it is revealed that a child should have screen time from one to two hours and not more than that. Screen time and child development don't always go hand-in-hand because they can sometimes be the biggest distraction. So, parents must engage in activities to reduce screen time for kids.

Here are the things you can implement to manage your child's screen-time

Tips for limiting your child's screen-time

Explain the cons of too much screen-time

It can be demanding to limit your child's screen time with technology everywhere, even in their educational system. However, it is vital to enlighten kids about excessive screen time's consequences and adverse effects. Regular exposure to screens may cause problems in kids-including-behavioral issues, obesity, inadequate sleep schedules, concentration and attention problems, delays in other skill developments, and many others. The trick here is to educate the kids about the reality of immoderate usage of technology.

Replace screen time with other activities

The world is much more than what the kids see on the screen. Hence, make it a point to engage your munchkin in other exciting activities to get rid of devices. Indulge the child in reading storybooks, plan outdoor playdates, paint or bake together or spend more time with the toddler.

Let screen time be a privilege

Do not make it easy peasy for your child to access the screens. Instead of handing over the phone whenever the toddler asks, try to make it an arduous task for them. Ensure that they perform specific activities or complete certain chores to get the device for some time in your supervision. This schools them about the value of things as well as their time. Nothing comes free, so a child should feel that they've earned the screen time.

Have technology-free time

There's no age bar when it comes to limiting screen times. In the tech era where everyone works with electronic devices, it becomes vital to take a break. Set a family rule to avoid having screen time, at least for a stipulated period. Teach your child to ditch the virtual life and have a real and deep conversation with the family members. This will help the toddler create a bond with the family and have less exposure to technology.

Keep the screen in a central location

If there's a videogame system, computer, or TV in the child's room, it becomes tough to monitor their screen's usage. It can be tempting for children to have the technology handy as they can overuse, misuse or use it late. Keep the devices in shared spaces as it will be convenient to monitor what the child is accessing on the screen.

Take help from technology

Make technology work in your favor by using parental control. TVs, routers, and web browsers have parental controls that help to block explicit content. Parental control enables you to create a filter for content by blocking them on the devices which could only be accessible by you. Moreover, there are settings in the devices that automatically shut off after completing the time limit you set for the same.

Do not give a personal device to your kid

Do not let that smartphone, tabloid, or any electronic device surpass the precious time with your toddler. Technology these days doesn't let anyone have a hold on the clock. Going back to normal will definitely be difficult once your kid gets exposure to social media platforms or video games or watching videos. Try to spend more time with the child so that their life doesn't get stuck with screens.

By reducing or limiting screen time for the kids, you teach them life beyond virtual screens and provide a safer digital environment. Above all, be active as a parent, do not just hand smartphones to your kid because you're exhausted or too busy to spend time with them. Along with limiting screen=time for kids, remember to put your phone aside.

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