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Why Swarnaprashan drops daily dose is important?

Why Swarnaprashan drops daily dose is important?

Ayurveda does not only have cure for all diseases but it a science of life. It has innumerable treasures to build immunity and prevent against diseases. Hence, it is one of the oldest living medical systems in the world. One such ayurvedic immunization technique for babies is Swarnaprashan.

Swarnaprashan literally translates to intake of Swarna or Gold Bhasma. Gold, subject to purification is used for the process and is known to improve immunity of the children along with hosts of other benefits. The purification process of gold is carried out to reduce the toxic elements and enhance the medicinal properties of gold. The Swarna bhasma is then mixed with Ghee and along with honey is given via drops to the Child.

Since the development of child in their early age is very important, administration of Babyorgano Baalprashan Swarnaprashan would result in benefits like improvement in intelligence, digestion, strength and immunity as well as provides enhanced life expectation for the child.

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan

The administration of Swarnaprashan (Suvarnaprashan) immunity booster drops is a Vedic tradition which has been continued over numerous years. The process is one of the sixteen rites of passages of a human journey and finds its roots in Ancient India. Swarnaprashan (Suvarnaprashan) should ideally be given to the child from their birth until they are 16 with the dosage being recommended on a daily basis at least until they are 6 months old. Regardless of the fact as to when they are given Swarnaprashan, it must be ensured that they are administered the dose on Pushyanakshatra.

Pushyanakshatra, which has a cycle of approximately around 28 days, is considered as an auspicious day in the ancient texts. The day has added importance for collection of herbs and preparation of medication and hence it is generally considered a good day for administration of Swarnaprashan (Suvarnaprashan). Whereas Swarnaprashan can be and should be taken on a daily basis, one should ensure that the dosage on Pushyanakshatra is not missed for their child.

Babyorgano Baalprashan Swarnaprashan (Suvarnaprashan) has given results of increase in immunity in children especially the most common enemies and diseases faced by the child in face of cough and cold. Since development of the child in their early stages is very important for their future, it provides a boost to the immunity of the child along with other factors which assists them in the future.

The importance of immunity is not lost in the present time period considering the devastation caused by COVID-19 in the world. With fear of a third wave looming as well as various other diseases in form of Dengue and other diseases spread via mosquitoes or infection, Swarnaprashan would provide a useful layer of protection for your child.

Benefits of Swarnaprashan or Suvarna Prashan Drops

  • The immune system of diseases becomes stronger.
  • Increases physical strength. And the growth of the baby.
  • Grasping power, analysis power, and recall memory become sharper.
  • Improves digestive power.
  • Tones up skin colour and texture.
  • Protects the baby from different kinds of allergies.