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Super Saving Energy & Immunity Booster Combo For Brain Development | Supports Weight & Height Gain In Kids

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan & Herbal ChocoVita & Herbal Kids Toothpaste

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✅ Swarna Bhasma : Boosts Immunity System
✅ Shankhpushpi : Improves digestion and boost appetite
✅ Vacha : Increases overall physical and metal health
✅ Ashwagandha : Improves Height & Weight
✅ Satavari : Make Bones Strong
✅ Bhrungaraj : Improve Digestion & Appetite.
✅ Mulethi : Protection against Cavities
✅ Peppermint : Excellent cleaning on Children’s Teeth & Gum
✅ Clove & Neem : Ease Toothache and reduce swelling and irritation

Product Discription

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan

Baalprashan Swarnaprashan (suvarnaprashan) is an immunity booster drops intended for children of age 0 to 15 years. Its key ingredients carefully develop a strong immunity in kids which acts as a protective shield against seasonal diseases. Swarnapashan drops composition naturally contains 100% Ayurvedic products with no artificial or chemical ingredients. Swarnaprashan is equally beneficial for the detoxification of the body. It progressively improves excellent memory and effective concentration. Furthermore, it also helps with abdominal infections and intestinal worms. All things considered, it naturally increases the physical and mental health of a child and helps to properly recover the body from preventable illness. It boosts appetite and improves proper digestion.

Herbal ChocoVita

BabyOrgano Herbal ChocoVita is Made with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs, that are loaded with helpful nutrition and yummy taste in every serving! Enriched with 15+ powerful Ayurvedic herbs that fulfill the daily nutrition needs of growing kids. It is free from harmful preservatives & refined sugar. Every kid is bound to fall in love with the rich chocolate flavor of Herbal ChocoVita. It can be consumed directly or can be mixed with milk. It’s available in 300 gm jar packaging.

Herbal Kids Toothpaste

BabyOrgano Herbal Kids Toothpaste comes with the presence of Yashtimadhu (mulethi/licorice) which prevents cavities in tooth, bad breath and gum inflammations.Therefore, if it is accidentally swallowed while brushing, the presence of Yashtimadhu (mulethi) will be beneficial in several ways. Its other active ingredients like Babool, Neem and Clove oil strengthens the teeth and prevents tooth decay. It has no added sugars, no chemicals and no harmful preservatives. The taste of natural strawberry makes this toothpaste children’s favourite.

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