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10 Winter Superfoods to Boost Immunity of Children

10 Winter Superfoods to Boost Immunity of Children

Sweaters and Blankets are out yet mommies are super panicked during winters. As babies may suffer from common cough and cold. One of the major reasons behind frequent cough, cold, and fever is the poor immunity of children. We live in the era of ready-to-eat pre-cooked foods, while weekends are all about junk food. This takes a huge toll on a child’s health.

Winter clothes can cover the baby’s skin from outside but a child needs the right diet for strong immunity and staying warm from inside.

This winter we bring you a list of essential foods for your kids and don’t worry these are easily available in local supermarkets. Include these superfoods in your child’s daily diet to strengthen your child’s immunity and prevent them from common illnesses.

1. Vegetable Soup

Take a few tomatoes, beetroot, long gourd, carrot, spinach, and other available vegetables. Boil them and make a hot soup for children every evening. Soups work best to keep warm during winters and improve digestion.

2. Jaggery (Gud)

Children have sweet tooth and there is nothing better than jaggery during winters. Jaggery has natural warming properties that can help to cure cough and cold. It acts as a powerful lung cleaner and can cure lung infections in children.

3. Dates (Khajur)

Instead of chocolate give your child a seedless date every day. They are rich in calcium so it will help to keep your child’s teeth and bones healthy.

4. Ghee

Don’t worry about fats, give a spoonful of ghee during the day to keep your child’s skin healthy and nourishing. Put it on bajra roti, in khichdi, or even with a plain wheat roti.

5. Sweet Potato

Rich in fiber, nutrients, and Vitamin A Sweet potatoes are best during winters. Just boil it, peel the skin and serve hot to your children.

6. Eggs and More

If you are a non-vegetarian give one boiled to the child daily. It is rich in protein, also like an apple even an egg a day can keep the doctor away.

7. Amla (Gooseberry)

Amla Juice or raw amla is extremely nutritious and rich in vitamin C. It will naturally boost your child’s immunity which can help in treating common flu and cold.

8. Nuts

A handful of nuts will boost energy and keep the child warm. Put some cashews, almonds, walnuts, and pistachios in a tiffin box daily, it will also help to improve the child’s metabolism.

9. Oranges

Children love oranges and citrus fruits; it is seasonal fruit and full of antioxidants to enhance the child’s immunity during winters.

10. Methi (Mustard Leaves)

Methi is widely available during winters, use it in a paratha or cook a sabji. Methi can improve digestive problems and reduce inflammation inside the body.