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6 Best Summer Care Tips For Babies

6 Best Summer Care Tips For Babies

Come summer and the most pertinent problem is skin care, especially for baby’s tender skin. Small babies have the most flawless-looking skin and as a parent we always want maintain the same. It is so soft and smooth everyone feels like touch it frequently. But few things might disrupt and act like enemies to your baby’s unblemished skin.

These enemies are diaper rashes, acne, allergies, baby products, and sunburns especially in summers, which leave your baby's skin irritable and uncomfortable. Summers and the scorching heat of the sun are inescapable but you can take safety measures to fortify your baby’s skin so that it is left undamaged.

It can be quite challenging, as there is no handwritten manual as to what should be done and what not but, luckily there are some basic fundamental steps which can be followed to maintain the luster of your baby’s skin.

Following are the steps that are needed and here is everything you need to know regarding the skincare routine of your baby in summers.


Bathing will help your baby to stay clean and prevent infections. Use the right baby wash/cleanser for your baby’s tender skin. If the baby likes water, you can make them bathe daily with lukewarm water, and if the baby does not like water quickly clean them or bathe at least two to three times a week in the summer season. However, avoid harsh bathing soaps as it would remove the natural oils that protect the baby’s skin You can use mild soap or body wash to bathe your baby. Check the ingredients of body wash or soap carefully, as they should be natural and not harm your baby’s skin.

Moisturisation and sunscreen

After the baby is done with a bathing session, before wearing clothes do not forget moisturizer. It is a very important step and keeps the baby's skin hydrated. Use two moisturizers one for the body and another one for the face and prefer brands that specifically make products for babies and are natural, ayurvedic, free from chemicals, and fragrance. Try to avoid exposing your baby to the harsh sun rays and if you have to step out during the daytime then make sure both you and your baby are wearing sunblock.

Summers means sweating. We know that you don’t like changing diapers but to save your kid from the irritating rashes due to sweat and wet diapers, you have to change them often. Frequently change diapers and wipe gently and subsequently apply diaper rash cream. This will keep the child away from the woe of rashes.

Oil massage

Oil massages have a lot of benefits it improves blood circulation, strengthens the bond between the baby and the mother it also moisturizes the skin. Use any light oil for massaging your child and make sure that excess oil is washed away during bath time. Excess oil can clog the pores and the skin would not be able to breathe.


Keep your baby hydrated with enough water, fruit juice (natural) and breastfeed.


Try using cotton clothes in summer as this would allow the baby’s skin to breathe and would not make them uncomfortable.