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Which are the best natural remedies for colic relief in kids

Which are the best natural remedies for colic relief in kids

Welcoming your newest addition to the family is indeed a surreal moment of happiness. Their constant coos are so delightful to listen but when these coos turn into wailing it, is not a picture-perfect moment. Children, in general, do cry, as it is their way of expressing things. But if the crying continues for a prolonged period and is uninterrupted for few days then your baby might have colic.

Colic is very normal in newborns it starts when the baby is around 3 weeks and goes away by the time the baby is 4-6 months old. This means it is very temporary and the reason as to why it is caused is undiscovered. We know it is difficult for you to see your child cry and have no solution to calm them down because one cant access medical services at all hours.

So to erase your helplessness and give you something more than sympathy, we present natural remedies for colic relief that will comfort your baby and help you take a break from the mess.

Warm bath and compress

Warm water relieves any sort of discomfort such as pain and, warm compress provides relief from gas. You can dip a towel in warm water and place it on the baby’s tummy for best results.


Massaging babies with essential oils stimulates digestion and can calm them down.

Peddling exercise

This is a very simple yet very effective way to get rid of colic issues. Lay your baby in a supine position and, hold their ankle very gently and start pressing one leg towards their tummy. Hold every time you press their ankle for few seconds and then release. Be very careful you don’t want to hurt your baby. If the baby resents then stop immediately. You do not want to worsen the situation.


Burping the baby after each meal is necessary. Burping helps the baby to relieve gas and reduces the chance of air being trapped in the baby’s belly. Hold your baby with the support of your chest and gently pat on their back until they burp after each feed.

Hing (asafetida)

No one can underestimate the power of spices. This is a traditional Indian recipe to resolve stomachaches. Add a pinch of hing to one teaspoon of water and apply around baby’s naval. You can also use the best Hing roll-on and apply it, Hing roll-on is quick, easy and safe to use. Hing is a good source of colic relief among children

Hing Roll On


Although there is no guarantee about why colic happens but studies indicate it can be because of gas or poor digestive system. Probiotics called lactobacillus are very effective in dealing with colic it kills bacteria’s and gut inflammations. Colic gets better within 3 weeks.


Garlic is supposed to be the best remedy for colic. As it cannot be given raw the best option is to crush it with nutmeg and apply it to the baby’s tummy.