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8 Tips to Develop Strong Immunity For Your Kids

8 Tips to Develop Strong Immunity For Your Kids

A child’s immune system is not fully developed until they’re 8 years old and building immunity for your kid is the most important factor which will help them fight diseases. Immunity is not something that can be built overnight but a better immune system can be achieved by blending a few good habits in the daily routine of your kid. Most kids are fussy eaters which makes it difficult to fulfil their daily nutrition intake. Therefore, it is more important to build a strong immune system for them, than to merely give them food. So, here are some tips which will help build a strong immunity for your child.

1. Giving them a nutrient rich diet
A child should be given a complete balanced diet enriched with fibre, fluid and vitamins in their necessary quantities. BabyOrgano’s Herbal Chocovita is one such power packed product which helps to fulfil the daily nutritional requirement of a child.

It is advisable to give nourishing food items like yogurt, citrus fruits, green vegetables, oats and eggs which help form a strong immune system.

2. Maintaining good hygiene
Learning and practising good hygiene habits help in forming a strong immune system. Kids should be encouraged to wash their hands with a good hand wash or soap and water at equal intervals to keep germs at bay.

3. Getting adequate sleep
Providing adequate rest is one of the most important tips to help build a strong immune system for a baby. A toddler should get a good 11-14 hours of sleep to ensure a playful mood and healthy growth. Sleep deprivation may result in weaker immunity and can also make a child susceptible to frequent illnesses.

4. Engaging in exercising
Any form of physical activity helps in strengthening a baby’s muscles, bones and organs. Regular exercising helps in forming a proper posture and maintaining balance and flexibility. A playtime routine can be introduced and allowed to explore free play. An outdoor playtime of an hour should be introduced in a child’s daily schedule to keep them physically active.

5. Avoiding unhealthy and junk food
Junk food is loved by kids and adults and we all crave a good, large packet of chips or tinned food, but we all know the health hazards they carry. If your child loves chocolate, you can give the kid a bite of dark chocolate with nuts, which is less sweet and carries minimum calories.

6. Giving them nuts and seeds
Dried fruits, nuts and seeds are rich in antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, iron and phosphorus and it helps in improving the digestive system of kids. These can be given in powdered form or in the form of a paste for easy consumption.

7. Giving the recommended vaccinations on time
Vaccines are important pillars necessary to build the immune system of a baby. Therefore, an important step for a healthy baby is to give them vaccines as and when needed. These reduce your baby’s risk of infection by enhancing the body’s natural defences.

8. Switching to ayurvedic solutions
Our rich culture is blessed with Ayurveda and going back to the roots is the safest way to impart the boon of health to a baby. Consumption of BabyOrgano’s Baalprashan Swarnaprashan helps in building a strong immune system. With the goodness of 24Kt Gold ash, it naturally increases the physical and mental health of a baby, helping the body to properly recover from preventable illnesses.

Developing a strong immune system in the initial years is not tough, with a little extra care and wise eating habits can give a boost to your little one’s healthy life journey.