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Everything you need to know about Swarnaprashan

Everything you need to know about Swarnaprashan

All that parents want for children is top-notch health at all times, protection from diseases, and strong immunity. However, in today’s fast-paced, sedentary lifestyle, climate changes, and contaminated food, it becomes difficult for parents to give their children the gift of health.

This is when Swarnaprashan comes in as a saving grace. Backed by the life science of Ayurveda, it focuses on improving children's immunity and helping them naturally grow into healthy, intelligent, and strong individuals.

What is Swarnaprashan?

Swarnaprashan translates to ‘consumption of gold’ as Swarna means gold, and prashan is the act of consumption or intake.

It is one of the Shodasha Samskaras which hold significance in Ayurveda as the 16 rites of passage of a human being from the cradle to the grave. Swarnaprashan is a natural and tested method that has been practiced for thousands of years.

The Samhitas mention that the benefits of Swarnaprashan arise from the quick assimilation and absorption of gold nanoparticles. Research shows that nanoparticles bypass digestion and are directly absorbed in the bloodstream, making them highly effective and safe.

But ideally, who should consume or undertake Swarnaprashan?

Children between 0-15 years of age can take Swarnaprashan as this age group has a higher capacity to build immunity against infections and diseases. Referred to as the developing stage, their bodies can easily cope with the struggle.

What are the benefits of Swarnaprashan?

Packed with benefits and only benefits, Swarnaprashan comprises the following benefits:

  1. It increases immunity and develops resistance against infections that commonly affect children, preventing them from falling sick often.
  2. It induces body growth, including weight and height, increases physical strength, and boosts stamina and power for physical activities.
  3. Besides physical benefits, Swarnaprashan improves children’s intellect, sharpness, power of analysis, grasping capability, and memory.
  4. It improves digestion, stomach related issues and resolves gastric problems in children. Additionally, it also improves the appetite of children.
  5. With Swarnaprashan, children’s bodies can recover faster in case of illness. Hence, it develops a robust defense mechanism in children that acts as a shield of safety against diseases that often occur due to weather changes and joint infections.
  6. Swarnaprashan reduces aggressive behavior, irritability, and anxiety in children aiding their early mental and physical development milestones.

It is a well-known fact that Ayurveda is a very compliant form of physical science that mentions the precise time of practice and consumption. Does the same go for Swarnaprashan as well?

Swarnaprashan Benifit

Is there a right time to give your child Swarnaprashan?

The classics enumerate that the ideal time to give your child Swarnaprashan is ‘Pushyanakshatra,’ which is one of the auspicious days that enhances the efficacy of Swarnaprashan. It happens to occur once every 28 days. This belief arises from the traditional view that the religious significance of Pushyanakshatra is auspicious for administering any medication.

Pushyanakshatra is given immense importance in Ayurveda for the preparation of medicines and the accumulation of herbs.

However, it is optional that Swarnaprashan be given only on Pushyanakshatra day. Instead, we recommend you provide it to your child daily to strengthen their immunity and overall stamina.

Now that we have solved all your possible concerns about Swarnaprashan, there’s still one thing on your mind about this concept, isn’t it?

In what form to give your child Swarnaprashan?

Swarnaprashan is available in powder as well as tonic form. In addition, our Swarna Pradhan is available in drop form, so you can conveniently administer it to your child.

And even though Ayurveda has not specified a defined manner of administering it, learned Ayurvedic professionals started mixing Swarna bhasma with ghee and honey, an alternative to the tonic form.

Swarnaprashan must be administered early in the morning on an empty stomach. However, it can also be given later in the day owing to its bio-available and quickly absorbable ingredients.

With the advent of pollution and quickly spreading diseases, giving your children the gift of solid stamina and immunity is essential.

Swarnaprashan is the ideal Ayurvedic immunization method that elevates children's physical and mental health. It not only creates a protective shield for the children but also assures parents of their child’s health protection.