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Best Indian Story Books for Kids That They Do Not Miss

Best Indian Story Books for Kids That They Do Not Miss

Storytelling and books have been a necessary part of childhood for decades. We have grown up reading the best Indian story books as kids. Today, digital screen time has been messy with and replacing books.

The engagement on screen is why we, as parents, should take some initiative. We must introduce our little ones to the fantastic world of fairy tales and moral stories.

Why Should You Introduce Story Books at Young Age?

Storybooks are entertaining and teach good habits to your child. Books can help you with ideals you want your kid to take up. It would be best if you find a way to introduce readers to your child. Indian authors are writing some fantastic age-specific storybooks. Some books are worthy and included in school programs.

Today we will discuss the best Indian story books for kids that every child should read. So, let us enter the lovely world of thrilling characters. We can have two categories of books. One is the traditional decades-old stories, and the other is modern-day story books.

The Old Stories Transformed and Passed to Young Kids

To guide you in choosing the finest old storybooks for your kid, explore this list of books that will assist in shaping them in different approaches.

1) Panchatantra Story Books for Kids

Panchatantra books are ideal for kids of all ages. They have been essential to the child's tale collections for many years. Over the years, the authors have transformed stories to the changing times. Today, books have animated pictures and graphics to keep your child hooked. The values and characters are still the same.

The concept and values: Our grandparents narrated stories with animal characters and personalities. Panchatantra has the same approach. It makes exciting tales by rendering personalities to animals. Suppose you are planning to introduce reading habits and storytelling. Panchatantra story books for kids are the best choice.

2) Ramayana and Mahabharata 

Ramayana and Mahabharata are the most unique yet necessary parts of Indian mythology. C. Rajagopalchari introduced these as kid's story books.

The concept and values: The two mythologies' larger-than-life characters impact children. Truth always wins, which should be the base of one's life. If you think your child may be unable to read, read it for him. The co-reading will let you spend quality time with your kiddo.

3) Malgudi Days

Yet another classic and well-known book that your child should read. The writer, Mr R.K. Narayan, wrote practical and real-life stories.

The concept and values: The book highlights rural life in a fictional village - Malgudi. The lead character is Swami, a little boy from the pre-independence era in India. Your child will learn how simple people were in those times and fascinating Swami's take on life.

4) Amar Chitra Katha

You must have read this one as a child, and now let your child read and learn the unique facts. The best part is that you can buy a copy in your regional language. The authors have published this book in 20 different Indian languages.

The concept and values: Our Indian culture, religion and mythology are worth learning. Authors have used graphics to engage kids while learning new qualities of life. A reason enough for you to get a copy for your child.

5) The Best of Akbar and Birbal

How can we forget our grandparents' interesting narrations about Akbar and Birbal? Your little one should also know the tales. Buy the best of Akbar and Birbal's storybook for him. We know Birbal for his wisdom, intelligence, and problem-solving approach. He served the great Akbar, and their friendship is famous.

The concept and values: The book captures entertaining incidents between the two friends. They will keep your child engaged and eager to know what happened next.

6) Hitopadesh Tales

The first Hitopadesh (written in the 12th century) is an ancient treasure. It gives your little one a new perspective on life. The publishers of this storybook have restructured the content. He has also changed the book's look according to today's era. 

The concept and values: There are animal characters and human roles. Every tale highlights an exciting narration, so your kid is always involved.

7) 108 Krishna Stories

Every parent wants their child to know the epic story of Shri Krishna. 108 Krishna Stories is the best way to let your child learn about every incident in Krishna's life.

The concept and values: Your kid will learn the values. These values will depict innocence, love, friendship, and courage. The book is simple, and if you love Krishna, you may also sit along with the kid when he reads. Relive your childhood memories.

Modern-day Indian Story Books for Kids

Explore this list of modern Indian story books for your children. Your kids will enjoy reading them and will learn treasured life lessons.

1. Gajapati Kulapati

Gajapati Kulapati is an engaging contemporary story of an elephant. The elephant learns new words and actions. Buy this one, as your inquisitive reader will love the bright and appealing pictures.

The concept and values: Imagine how an enormous elephant gets annoyed with mere cold. And you will love the thought even as an adult. Be ready to see your child laugh and learn as he reads this one.

2. Maharani the Cow

Maharani the Cow is for young readers and a great book if you wish to teach reading habits to your child. The book is a funny story of a cow that causes a traffic jam. The illustrations are life-like and awarded.

The concept and values: Children relate well to this Indian stereotypical narration. They can read this one as the language is simple. The pictures convey what the author wants to share - a perfect bedtime story.

3. My Mother's Sari

My mother's sari is for kids learning to read in sentences. Here, a small kid imagines a world where her mother's sari takes different forms. This book will help your child unleash his imagination. You might find your kid trying to associate daily-use objects with a unique vision. 

The concept and values: Let your child venture into a world where a sari transforms into a rope. The easy-to-read sentences and nice pictures will keep your kids engaged. The engagements make the story a must-have in your child's mini library.

4. The Watch Out Series: No Touch!

Indeed, you want your child to learn good habits and values. But sometimes, you should discuss sensitive issues. If yes, then No Touch is the book for you and your child. The storybook does not focus on morals or ethics. Instead, it empowers your child by shedding light on a crucial topic: Good touch and Bad touch.

The concept and values: Parents feel challenged to discuss the abuse with kids. The illustrations are informative yet engaging enough. Buy one today and let him know the right approach to self-defence.

5. Grand Ma's Bag of Stories

Honourable Sudha Murthy has written this book. Every parent would want their child to understand and absorb such ethics for a lifetime. If you have younger kids who can understand stories with little effort, this book is for them.

The concept and values: The language is simple, so you may watch your child enjoy this one alone. Some short stories teach principles like sharing, love, and friendship. The book has several chapters, so the kid can move ahead, reading one chapter at once.

6. Jupiter Unknown Facts

The space is enticing as fiction, and J.U.F focuses on this aspect. Young readers fascinated with space and planets can learn facts in a tale format. If your smart kid wants a different storybook, let him read through Jupiter Unknown Facts.

The concept and values: Parents who wish to encourage their child's interest in space should buy this one.

7. The Adventures of Rusty

Ruskin Bond is an Indian author known for writing books for children. The adventures of Rusty entertain children with short stories and simple narratives. A well-woven book makes your child feel close to nature and understand emotions.

The concept and values: The author has used beautiful words to describe nature and life. After reading this one, your kid may demand more of Ruskin Bond.


The best Indian storybooks add values and beliefs at a young age, which your kids will practice for a lifetime. Advanced gadgets can never ever replace story books as they do not impact the mind. Most animated stories are quick, and your child does not feel engaged to that extent compared to reading old Indian story books.

Begin the Journey Today!

Reading helps your kids develop vocabulary and lets them communicate seamlessly. A good reader always has a strong personality since he is confident and opinionated.

Thus, introduce reading habits early. Let your child explore this segment according to his interest. Discuss and allow your child to choose a book so that he or she engages and learns better.