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Best Physical Activities for a 5 Year Old Kid

Best Physical Activities for a 5 Year Old Kid

Parents tend to receive information from numerous sources that state right and wrong things for kids. Still, surprisingly, every source has different info, which sometimes clashes, leading to a confused parent.

You get advice from elders in the family, your friends, and even people who would meet you seldom. Thus, to take the right action for your baby’s good, you must be aware and intelligent enough to filter helpful information.

Now let us discuss a common yet important subject that every parent wants to know about - physical activities for a 5-year-old kid. Physical activities for kids are necessary for two reasons.

First, it keeps your child healthy and active; second, every activity helps develop specific skills and brain-body coordination. An inactive lifestyle in the initial years seriously impacts the child in the future.

Keeping the Tot Away from the Screen

The Gen-Z kids are inclined toward gadgets and technology since these are readily available and do not involve effort. But as dotting parents, you must know that children exposed to screen time for long hours can develop issues like eyesight problems, gain weight, and suffer from sleep disorders. Imagine how badly these issues can impact your little one later in life.

On the other hand, physical activities benefits are not confined to physical and mental development. A child who plays with friends also has strong social-emotional skills. These skills help rearing confident children who readily participate in different activities.

How Much Physical Activity is Good?

Physical activities for kids are good, but how much is good is another question that parents tend to ponder. Let us help you with this and divide the routine into two types:

  • Aerobic exercise sets your heart to pump more blood and increases oxygen requirement. These activities involve large muscles and are usually in a rhythm.
  • Activities that strengthen bones and muscles, boosting growth and development.

A 5-year-old kid needs at least an hour of moderate physical activity daily. It can be spread across the day so your kiddo does not tire. By moderate activity, we mean that it increases the breathing intensity but does not leave your child panting.

List of Physical Activities for 5 year old kid

When talking about physical activities, parents usually think of different sports, but there are more options that you can consider for your kid. Here is a comprehensive list of activities that would help your child achieve desired health goals:

List of physical activities for kids

Walking and jogging

The simplest physical activity that your tiny tot can do without specialised training is walking or jogging in the park. A great way to involve the child in such activity is to accompany him.

When you walk and converse about things he observes around him, you allow him to explore new learning opportunities. Also, you will gradually strengthen the bond with your child as he would feel free to discuss anything

Playground activities

Playground fun is the best way to encourage your child to get involved in physical activities. Let the child jump, hop, run, and play on slides and swings. Just make sure that he is safe during the playtime.

See your child make new friends, learn concepts like taking turns, and maintain body balance. The hand-eye coordination is also an aspect involved since the child learns to climb, push and swing without falling.

Sports activities

If your child is interested in learning a specific sports activity, enrol him without any second thoughts. There are several options like tennis, football, skating, cricket, basketball, and so on.

Every sport focuses on strengthening core muscles and boosting confidence. When a child opts for a sport of his choice, he gives his best and takes an interest in learning and excelling.


An aerobic exercise - swimming is a great option if your child is not scared of deep water. Also, five years is an ideal age for a kid to learn swimming since, by now, he can coordinate hand and leg movements. Swimming also involves breathing techniques that strengthen the lungs.


Kids who are not interested in sports can opt for dance since it involves rhythmic and repetitive body movements. Dance lets your child express his feelings through actions and facial expressions.

There are several dance forms, and thus, you should let the kid choose one according to his interest.


Cycling is a common physical activity that most children love to do, either with parents or friends. Children enjoy the fast pace and racing competitions. This is also an aerobic exercise since it increases metabolic rate moderately, helping to maintain a healthy weight. Cycling makes the bottom, thigh, and abdomen muscles stronger.


This physical activity involves specialized training, and thus, you would need to search for an institute nearby to enrol the child.

Gymnastics is a world-class activity and is difficult compared to others on the list. If your kid is determined to learn and practice, go ahead and see the budding talent flourish into a confident individual.

Martial arts

This physical activity renders the dual benefit of self-defence and physical development. Martial arts allow your child to learn tricks and strengthen the core muscles gradually.

Keep Your Child Safe During Activities

Physical activities benefits are unlimited, but you also need to make sure that your child is safe at all times. These come with a risk of injuries and unwanted incidents. Hence, it is recommended to use appropriate protective equipment during each activity. Safety kits and parental guidance can help avoid injuries to the maximum possible extent.

Physical activities benefit the child, but if your child gets too tired and complains of body aches on a regular basis, you need to understand the cues and let him rest. Every child is different; while some can play for long without getting tired, others may get exhausted within an hour. Over-stressing the body will impact the kid’s growth and make him cranky.

Do not force your child to pursue an activity because you feel it is beneficial for him. Give him the freedom to choose his interests so that he puts in his best efforts. If your child does not wish to continue one particular activity, give him a break for some time.

Later, ask him if he wants to pursue it again and take a decision accordingly. Imposing your decision will only make the child less interested, failing to achieve the desired results, which would further irritate you and him.

Playtime Apart from Physical Activities

Your child grows rapidly in the first few years, both physically and mentally, which means you need to encourage him to explore and learn. Apart from physical activities, you must introduce playtime, where he would spend time with his favourite stuffed toys.

Such activities provide a recreational window where you can see your baby taking care of the toys and dolls. This pretend play is an opportunity where the child applies his learnings from day-to-day observations.

Buy age-appropriate toys that encourage the child to stay away from the screen and learn while having fun. There are a range of toys for 5-year-olds that they can play alone or with family and friends.

Remember, your child is still small and learning new things every day. Play and learn is a better approach than teaching him concepts through books. You can easily find educational and interactive toys that are specifically designed to cater to a 5-year-old child.

Sleep Cycle to Recover

When your child opts for a physical activity, he tends to sleep better. You must understand that our bodies recover during sleep, so you must make your child sleep for at least 10-13 hours, including a short nap during the day.

Proper sleep not only relaxes the body but also gets rid of stress with mental wellness and physical growth.

Provide a Healthy Nourishment

Your child will be sweating it out if he opts for any of the above-mentioned physical activities. Therefore, you also need to take care of the kid’s nourishment since his body needs more energy.

You may have to put in efforts to attain a healthy feeding routine, but it is worth it as your child will benefit in the long run. Include protein, carbs, fruits, dairy, veggies, and nuts to ensure that the little one gets the best possible nutrition. A well-combined lifestyle and food will let your baby grow well and be healthy.

Key Takeaways

A sedentary routine leads to a dull and lazy baby, while physical activities make your child healthier, brighter, and happier since he feels energetic throughout the day. If you introduce an activity of the baby’s choice at the age of 5, he develops this habit for a lifetime. Being involved in physical activities improves physical and mental wellness and boosts confidence.

Thus, as parents, you should take this important step today and pave a pathway for your kid. If you still have not decided, do not get disheartened and plan the activities without delay; after all, every parent wants the best life for their child.