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Body wash or Soap for Babies: How to choose?

Body wash or Soap for Babies: How to choose?

Your baby’s skin is tender and sensitive. Hence, the products applied to the baby’s skin directly should be carefully chosen as they may have positive as well as negative effect on a child’s skin. Another confusion to select the right baby products is plenty of resources. Markets are flooded with baby care products. Therefore, choosing the best baby body wash for your babies’ skin is the issue. Well, your pediatrician is the best guide to help you picking the best baby skincare products.

When it comes to baby bath products, most parents are confused, whether to use baby soap or body wash. However, if you are tempted to use over-the-counter baby products available in the market, read the product descriptions carefully before deciding to purchase them.

Here are some important points to check before you decide to buy a baby wash or soap.

Check the PH level:

As most of the soaps have a considerable level of alkaline. Having a slight increment in PH can make it acidic, which may damage the baby’s skin. You should ensure that your baby's soap is pH balanced at 5.5, meaning that it is not acidic or alkaline. So, check the Ph level of soap or body wash before buying. They should also be approved by dermatologists.

Choose fragrance-free baby products:

Soaps usually have some fragrance. Prefer a soap or body wash that have a mild or no fragrance. In order to hide the chemicals used, fragrance is added to the product. Here, a product that smells good won’t do good to your babies. Keep this in mind while shopping for your baby.

Look for the amount of moisturizer in a Baby Soap or Body Wash

Apart from cleaning, your baby’s skin needs proper nourishment too. You can check this by noticing the essential nutrients in a baby bath product. The more the level of nutrients and essential oils the better the nourishment.

Are You Still Wondering Whether to use Soap or Baby Body Wash?

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