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Hibiscus: Bringing out the glow in your baby

Hibiscus: Bringing out the glow in your baby

Hibiscus, also called the Anti-Ageing plant is famous for its large colorful flowers. There are huge varieties of hibiscus plant used around the globe for its herbal benefits. Like every herbs, Hibiscus also provides a large amount of healing properties when applied on skin and health benefits when consumed as tea. Here, let’s put some light on this bright, showy flower’s vitamin, anti-oxidants as well as mineral rich benefits on the baby skin.

Baby Skin Care Benefits for Hibiscus:

Helps Ease Baby’s Skin Inflammation

Hibiscus is basically known for the high level of anti-oxidants contained in it. Inflammation is one of the skin’s responses to damage. Babies’ skin is quite gentle and sensitive, and that’s why can get affected by the smallest of things applied. Even the exposure to sunlight can make the baby skin inflammatory. Here comes the role played by Hibiscus. Hibiscus, when used in the daily care routine will help with the skin inflammation in babies.

Encourages Fresh & Smooth Looking Skin

Hibiscus is a natural source of AHAs, which benefits the skin. Using Hibiscus rich products in your baby’s skin gently exfoliates and brightens the skin. Hibiscus helps reduce hyperpigmentation caused by the skin allergies and increase the skin clarity. This results in babies’ fresh and smoother-looking skin.

Provide Speedy Wound Recovery

An appropriate wound healing symbolizes a healthy skin. Studies show that Hibiscus supports wound healing. Babies’ being the restless humans will be the ones who get wounded every time through their own tantrums. Hibiscus extracts produces a protein that helps the edges of a wound close. This shows that Hibiscus is also helpful in a speedy recovery of the wounds in babies.

Supports Collagen Production

The Vitamin C present in Hibiscus helps your body make collagen naturally. Collagen production is necessary in every human body and an adult can consume things in order to maintain collagen. But, that’s not the case with kids. So, here is the natural solution: Hibiscus. Hibiscus helps in collagen production naturally, which in turn, influences the skin elasticity and benefits in hydration of baby skin.


Heal your baby’s skin naturally with the help of Hibiscus!

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