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Celebration of World Plantation Day by BabyOrgano

Celebration of World Plantation Day by BabyOrgano

Recently, BabyOrgano celebrated World Plantation Day on the 21st of March, 2024. This day is celebrated to mark the significance of trees in our environment. It celebrates the various ways the trees protect our climate, serve humankind, and take care of the Earth.

The event was organized with the theme of educating kids about the importance of plantation and training them to plant as many trees as possible amidst increasing droughts, deforestation, monsoon problems, and increasing urbanization.


So, the venue for the celebration was chosen as Sundarvan, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This place brings one to the realms of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and into oneness with nature.

As the tagline speaks it’s a nature discovery centre housing various animals like crocodiles, snakes, tortoises, and much more. Sundarvan is portrayed as a mini zoo including birds making it a beautiful center for bird-watching.

There are various activities and shows included as part of fun activities in the park making it a good retreat place for children.


Kids aged 3 years and above were invited to the spot along with their parents to take part in the various activities organized as a part of the celebration. The event started by getting them seated appropriately.

Everyone was welcomed by the BabyOrgano team and thanked for being a part of this. ||||

The parents were then distributed with goodies from BabyOrgano, welcoming them to participate in further activities.

The goodies included the BabyOrgano easyGo Travel Kit including Ayurvedic Lotion, shampoo, body wash, and toothpaste.


Speech by Manager

The event started with the manager of Sundarvan giving a speech about the importance of trees in our lives. He informed me about the various benefits of trees and how a good environment must have a balance for which trees play such an important role.

Pot Painting Competition

The kids were given pots and were instructed to color them however they liked. The kids enthusiastically took part, taking up the pots, and painting them with their creativity. It was indeed lively to see the kids so engrossed in little things. They had paint splattered in their hands and somewhat in their dresses but it was more of an enjoyable sight.

Tulsi Plantation in Pots

Then, they were told to plant saplings of Tulsi, and taught how to nurture the saplings, and keep them aerated, and moisturized, so they grow easily. They were taught about the importance of Tulsi, in the environment and its role in providing more oxygen, and cooling effect, its usage in cough and cold, and improving immunity.

Refreshments for Kids

As a lot of time had passed since the welcome and plantation, the kids were then given refreshments including biscuits and some juices.

Fun Activities for Kids and Moms

The manager did some fun activities with the kids and their moms. They were given blank pieces of paper to draw something. Many other activities were organized bringing them closer to green nature and making them understand the importance of forests. Everyone joyfully participated in the events and enjoyed themselves fully.


At the end, refreshments were being provided to both children and their parents, after a session of energetic events. Certificates were being distributed to the little performers and everyone was being applauded for their participation.

At the end of the day, it was us with nature, and every stance taken throughout the day increased the oneness with nature and fostered a feeling of more protectiveness in conserving a greener earth.

Our kids deserve a good future too and for that it becomes extremely important we start conserving them now.

BabyOrgano Team