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Ayurvedic Teething Remedies: Soothing Your Baby Naturally

Ayurvedic Teething Remedies: Soothing Your Baby Naturally

Having a child in the family provides joy and new challenges. One of the most important growth steps a baby goes through is getting their first teeth. This is often a painful and difficult time for the baby and their caretakers.

Although teething is normal, it can be hard for families when their babies have signs like swollen gums, drooling, and irritability. Many parents are looking to traditional Ayurvedic remedies, and many use the best toothpaste for kids for natural relief because they know that Western medicines are limited.

The ancient Indian medical system or Ayurveda promotes natural healthcare approaches. It focuses on natural remedies drawn from plants and herbs.

Ayurvedic Teething Remedies and Treatments

This detailed guide looks at Ayurvedic teething treatments, each with special benefits for helping your baby feel better during this important time.

The antibacterial qualities of Tulsi and the pain-relieving properties of clove provide mild comfort that follows Ayurvedic holistic health principles; you can also use toothpaste for kids.


Ayurveda loves Holy Basil (Tulsi) for its health benefits. Killing microorganisms and lowering inflammation improves chewing discomfort. Tulsi's antibacterial qualities battle mouth germs, keeping teeth clean. Teething kids often have gum inflammation, but its anti-inflammatory properties aid. Tulsi has several benefits.

Boil Tulsi leaves for a gentle infusion. Dip a fresh cloth in the tea and gently wipe it on your baby's gums when it cools. Our mild therapy reduces swelling and soothes teething pain.

Benefits of Tulsi

Antimicrobial components in tulsi help prevent mouth infections in babies. Tulsi's antibacterial properties kill oral microorganisms, reducing infection risk. With its natural defence mechanism, Tulsi keeps the baby's mouth clean and healthy by preventing bacteria and fungi. This preventative measure keeps the baby's teeth clean and healthy.

Anti-inflammatory effects
Some babies chew with gum inflammation, which can hurt and distress them. Tulsi's anti-inflammatory properties relieve gum discomfort and inflammation. Tulsi reduces gum discomfort, redness, and swelling by controlling inflammation. Tulsi soothes aching, inflamed tissues, making teething easier. It makes this growing stage easier and more comfortable for the infant.

Calming effect
The baby feels calm and healthy with Tulsi's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Teething can make newborns unhappy, cry, and restless, making it challenging for parents and carers. Tulsi calms babies, improving sleep. Tulsi calms the environment, relieving chewing pain and bringing the infant and carers closer.


Clove is one of the greatest natural teething pain remedies since it kills germs and relieves discomfort. Eugenol, found in clove, instantly relieves sore gums. This makes it an effective teething aid. Additionally, its antibacterial qualities eliminate dangerous microorganisms, aiding mouth hygiene. This protects the baby's dental health throughout this delicate growth stage.

Benefits of Clove

Analgesic Properties
Clove's main advantage is pain relief. Eugenol in clove oil numbs the skin, relieving rising pain instantly. While the oil gently works through the gums, soothes the baby's suffering. So, the numbing effect helps the baby feel better from the scorching sensation of new teeth coming in, making teething easier.

Antimicrobial Benefits
Clove relieves pain and contains high antibacterial properties that benefit dental health. Teething children's warm, wet mouths might proliferate oral germs. Bacteria can cause oral infections and illnesses. Antimicrobial properties in clove oil operate as a natural defence, preventing mouth infections and harmful germs from spreading.

Relaxing Aroma
Clove oil is healthy for your body and has a relaxing scent. Clove's scent calms individuals, helping uncomfortable newborns sleep. The relaxing smell calms the baby and reduces nervousness and irritability. Clove oil calms the surroundings, relieving teething pain and improving the baby's health, which improves sleep.


Ghee improves health and is essential to Ayurvedic treatment and diet. Ghee has significant nourishing and lubricating effects that relieve newborns' biting pain. Ghee preserves the gums and helps teething easily without discomfort or pressure when applied to the skin. Gently apply lukewarm ghee onto the baby's gums for teething comfort. Gentle stroking enhances blood flow and gum health, making teething simpler.

Benefits of Ghee

Lubricating Properties
Ghee is great for lubricating gums and relieving pressure and soreness. As babies' first teeth emerge, their gums may become more sensitive and irritated. Ghee protects against and eases unpleasant symptoms, helping the baby with teething pain. Ghee reduces friction, making the baby's teeth glide more smoothly and speeding up teething.

Nourishing Qualities
Antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids make ghee popular. Applying ghee to gums penetrates soft tissues and gives nutrients for healing and growth. Ghee's nutrients help gums grow healthily during teething, benefiting dental health. Ghee also protects the oral mucosa from inflammation and disease.

Holistic Relief
Ghee helps relieve teething pain and promote healthy teeth. Ghee relieves teething pain and improves newborn health by protecting the gums and providing nutrients. Ghee's gentle massaging relaxes you and increases gum blood flow, simplifying teething.


In Ayurveda, babool (acacia) soothes, making it ideal for teething babies. Babool's bioactive compounds relieve gum inflammation and pain. Mix Babool bark powder with water to produce a paste. It will assist you in gaining from Babool. Completely coat your baby's gums with this paste. Our mild therapy reduces swelling and soothes teething pain.

Benefits of Babool

Anti-inflammatory Effects
One of Babool's major pain benefits is inflammation reduction. Toothing babies typically suffer gum disease, which hurts and is uncomfortable. Bioactive ingredients in babool combat inflammation and minimize gum swelling and redness. Babool soothes painful, inflamed tissues, relieving chewing discomfort. This comforts the baby at this trying moment.

Analgesic Benefits
Teething pain can disrupt babies' and parents' sleep, eating, and overall well-being. Babool relieves chewing pain naturally. Because it relieves pain, it numbs gums and makes teething easier. This helps babies chew more easily by making them feel more relaxed.

Antimicrobial Properties
Baby teeth can cause bacteria to grow and cause oral infections, so keep your mouth clean. Babool prevents gingivitis and stomatitis by inhibiting the development of bacteria. Teething can hurt worse with some infections. This defensive response keeps the baby's mouth healthy and vital for their overall health during growth.


Ayurveda calls turmeric "golden spice," which cures. Curcumin decreases gum inflammation and chewing pain. Tissue development is promoted by antioxidants, which reduce oxidative stress. Make a ghee-turmeric paste. Gentle massage this paste into your baby's gums all over. This therapy soothes teething pain and inflammation.

Benefits of Turmeric

Anti-inflammatory Effects
Turmeric reduces gum inflammation and teething pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin, the major component, inhibits inflammatory chemicals, causing gum pain and oedema to decrease. Turmeric soothes babies while chewing by reducing irritation.

Antioxidant Benefits
Turmeric's antioxidants counteract oral oxidative stress as free radical scavengers. Cell metabolism and external influences create free radicals. Natural gum healing with turmeric eliminates free radicals and promotes tissue repair and renewal. This antioxidant effect improves the baby's health and teething pain.

Holistic Relief
Turmeric reduces discomfort and improves mouth health, making it a good teething remedy. Turmeric immediately relieves teething pain by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Its antibacterial properties keep teeth clean, preventing oral infections during this susceptible time. Turmeric soothes teething babies, improving their health.


Ayurveda suggests relaxing with Yashtimadhu or Licorice Root. Yashtimadhu's flavonoids and glycyrrhizin reduce inflammation and teething pain. Its moisturizing properties also preserve the gums, reducing tooth insertion irritation and pain. Chewing liquorice root can make your baby feel better. Be careful not to choke on the natural medicine.

Benefits of Yashtimadhu

The strong anti-inflammatory actions of Yashtimadhu minimize gum inflammation and teething pain. Yashtimadhu relieves bad gums and chewing pain. This helps your infant through this stage.

Analgesic Benefits
Babies who chew will be more comfortable and healthier with Ashtimadhu's natural pain-relieving powers. Teething is painful, but Yashtimadhu calms gum nerves. This will comfort your infant.

Demulcent Qualities
The moisturizing properties of Yashtimadhu assist the gums produce a protective barrier that prevents tooth friction and soreness. This barrier reduces and prevents your baby's suffering, making teething easier.

Coconut Oil

Many Ayurvedic uses of coconut oil help babies chew. Medium-chain fatty acid lauric acid in coconut oil cleans teeth and is antimicrobial. Emollient properties keep gums wet and comfort them, making teething less unpleasant. Massage the baby's gums with fresh coconut oil to benefit from coconut oil. This gentle rubbing soothes teething and keeps gums moist.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Antimicrobial Properties
Antimicrobials in coconut oil prevent mouth infections, protecting dental health. Coconut oil lauric acid fights germs, viruses, and fungi. Coconut oil forms a gum barrier to protect soft tissues from dangerous germs. Overall, oral hygiene improves.

Emollient Effect
Coconut oil soothes teething pain. The baby's gums may dry, itch, and swell during chewing. Coconut oil's calming qualities prevent gums from drying out and hurting. Coconut oil is emollient, producing a healing layer over gums to prevent irritation and friction against developing teeth.

Holistic Relief
Coconut oil soothes you immediately and helps in numerous ways when chewing. Coconut oil treats physical and oral discomfort, making it a complete teething remedy. Its many benefits assist the baby's oral cavity stay healthy and provide rapid relief. Coconut oil embodies wellness. It helps babies through teething by preventing oral infections and moisturizing gums.


Bananas may aid teething kids. Because they're tasty and healthful, bananas are popular. Bananas' soft, mushy texture soothes gums and teething pain. It's inherently sweet, so youngsters want to chew on it to feel better. Give your youngster a ripe banana to munch on for health advantages.

Benefits of Bananas

Gentle Relief
Another benefit of bananas is that they soothe sore gums and aid chewing. Soft, mushy, ripe bananas are easy for newborns to chew. Babies feel better chewing with the relaxing texture. As babies chew on the banana, its smooth texture rubs their lips, relieving tooth pain and irritation.

Nutrient Value
Bananas are packed with nutrients that soothe teething babies and improve their health. Because of its potassium content, bananas maintain fluid equilibrium, muscular function, and nerve communication. Bananas also contain manganese, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, boosting the immune system, producing energy, and free radical protection.

Naturally Sweet
In addition to helping babies chew, bananas are inherently delicious and enticing to babies. Bananas are sweet, which pleases babies' taste senses and gives them comfort and contentment. Commercial teethers may contain sweets or artificial tastes. However, bananas are healthful and natural, so parents can feel good about providing them to their kids.

Key Takeaways

A newborn's early development depends on teething, although it can be difficult for both the baby and their caregivers. Ayurvedic therapies for teething are gentle and natural, which is wonderful for your child's health and comfort.

However, you must see a doctor before introducing any new treatment to your baby's regimen, and you can also use doctor-recommended kid's toothpaste. Love and care can help your infant through teething gently and comfortably; this is good for their development.