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Christmas Story for kids – Birth of Jesus and More

Christmas Story for kids – Birth of Jesus and More

Christmas is the best time for stories, gifts, décor, crafts, and more. Children are excited to celebrate Christmas and curious to know the story behind this important day. Hence, Christmas is a perfect time to narrate the story of the Birth of Jesus Christ. During Christmas, children are even more excited to meet Santa and get their secret gifts. So here are two stories that you can tell your children on the occasion of Christmas.

Story of the Birth of Jesus

Once upon a time, many years ago, there lived a lady Mary and Joseph in the town of Nazareth. One day an angel called Gabriel appeared and said to Mary and Joseph that they will soon give birth to the savior who will save their people from all sins. She said to name him Jesus as he will be God’s son. Joseph wakes up the next morning and gets married to Mary.

Joseph and Mary had to travel to Bethlehem, a city far away from Nazareth. It took them several days to reach Bethlehem. Mary was about to give birth to a baby and they did not have any place to rest, so they decided to stay in a barn, a place where goats and horses lived. They lived in the barn for the whole night and that night Jesus was born. Jesus did not have any crib but he was laid on a manger immediately after his birth. Manger is a place from where animals eat hay.

The shepherds of Bethlehem saw an angel on the outskirts of the city, they were surprised to see the angel. The angel told them about the birth of their messiah who was lying the manger in the barn. The shepherds immediately rushed to the barn, they were surprised and happy.

This is how Jesus – the Son of God was born and we happily celebrate Christmas as the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

Children are often curious to know about Santa Claus and how does he know about our wishes.

So here goes the story of Santa.

Santa Claus lives in the North Pole with his wife Mrs. Claus. All through the year Santa and his elves make toys and gifts for Christmas. Santa is said to be based in Saint Nicholas. Nicholas was a kind man who lived in many years ago. Saint Nicholas always gave gifts to everyone, in European countries children receive gifts in December during his feast day.

Just like Saint Nicholas, Santa shares gifts during Christmas. He pulls the sleigh with reindeers on Christmas night over the roof top, he gets the sack full of toys and slides down from the chimney to secretly put the toys under the Christmas tree.

So, Christmas is all about giving and spreading smiles. It is a day of kindness and compassion.

Merry Christmas!!