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Dry Skin In Babies: Causes, Symptoms And Remedy

Dry Skin In Babies: Causes, Symptoms And Remedy

Every parent knows how sensitive her child’s skin is and how much extra-care it requires. Taking care of the super sensitive skin of a baby becomes a challenging task for every new parent. Newborn skin is prone to rashes, eczema, dry and flaky skin. And of the primary reasons behind all these skin conditions is the lack of proper skin moisture. Hence, it is vital to keep newborn skin thoroughly moisturised and smooth to keep all unwanted skin condition at bay.

What causes dry skin in babies?

Almost every baby suffers from dry skin. This dryness can be due to several reasons. Dry skin can be caused due to incompatible baby skincare products, spending too much time for bathing, dry weather, etc.

All these reasons can rip-off the natural moisture of the skin, leaving it dry and flaky. And as the baby skin is more delicate than any adult, it can react more severely.

How does dry skin in a baby look?

Dry skin looks rough, flaky and dull. Some fine lines and cracks are also sometimes visible. Dry spots on hands, feet, face and lips are common in children when skin asks for more moisture. Mild dryness of the skin is not a matter of worry, but very dry skin can lead to rash, itchy and inflamed skin.

How to treat dry skin in babies?

There are simple and easy remedies available at home; these remedies can be applied to keep the baby’s skin soft and moisturised.

  1. For a bath, shorten up the duration
  2. A long and warm bath looks very comfortable and enjoying, but prolonged bath time can take-off the natural moisture from the skin. Hence, keep the bath time shorter and quicker. Additionally, while using a towel on your baby’s skin, do not rub excessively; instead, gently pat the towel on your child’s soft and delicate skin.

  3. Hydrat
  4. Hydration of the skin is possible only through a body massage and moisturisation. Massaging your little one’s body can provide a lot of goodness to its skin. Furthermore, a good body moisturiser keeps your baby’s skin soft and nourished for a long. Prefer using any good and natural baby care product, which have fewer chemicals as ingredients. You can explore the wide range of BabyOrgano Baby Care Products.

  5. Use fragrance-free products
  6. Artificial fragrance leads to skin dryness and roughness. Therefore, it is recommended to use fragrance-free products for your child. However, the product with natural fragrance adds freshness to the skin and does not cause any side-effects. Try using natural and ayurvedic products for your little one to keep its skin dryness free.