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Homeschooling Activities for Toddlers

Homeschooling Activities for Toddlers

Amidst all the havoc these days, the schools have switched to homeschooling! Homeschooling during this time is undoubtedly the best option to continue the curriculum but along with this the worrisome question for all the parents is- “How to keep their kids busy during this quarantine period?” Apart from the online classes, kids staying at home, idle all day isn’t acceptable. It is important for a kid to be mentally as well as physically active!

This is the time that you can utilize to engage your kids in various activities keeping them busy all day and making them learn new skills too!

Engaging Activities that your kids can take up:

  1. Books are best friends indeed: Reading is one of the best ways to spend time and make the day productive! It helps to increase the reading speed in kids and develops vocabulary and linguistic skills! So get your kids some interesting books and make them read already!
  2. Some colors and brushes work too: One of the ways to nurture your kid’s creativity is arts and crafts! This allows kids to express themselves and create new things. It also leads them to think differently improving their innovation skills. Indulging them into this activity, makes them creative and helps them find hidden talent.
  3. Planting the greens: If your house has a small lawn or garden, make your kids do gardening. It helps the toddlers to improve their locomotory skills as they move from one place to another carrying different gardening tools. Also, they get to learn about different plants and their growth requirements.
  4. Cooking is the key: Cooking is one of the most interesting activities for kids! It tends to amuse them! Making them cook enhances them overall such as listening to instructions while cooking improves their listening skills, they learn to explore their sense and also learn to be well-organized. You can make them cook their favorite dishes or bake a cake! Or maybe teach them to decorate cupcakes and dishes to bring out their creativity when it comes to food!
  5. Pen is always mightier than sword: Engage them in writing a daily journal describing about their day. This keeps them self-occupied and they learn to express what they feel in their own words. Writing a daily journal will also help them improve their writing skills. This activity involves expressing their thoughts and feelings, self-analyzing, advances their memory, ultimately resulting in improvising your child’s self-reflection.

Keeping kids entertained throughout this period can be tad difficult! But by keeping them active and engaged in these different activities you can turn the long hours of self-boredom into fun-filled, innovative and interactive learning experience. This activities will can tend to ease your problems when it comes to handling kids!