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How BabyOrgano EasyGo Travel Kit is a Parent’s Dream Come True

How BabyOrgano EasyGo Travel Kit is a Parent’s Dream Come True

Travelling is exciting and fun, but is it equally thrilling with kids or infants? You may love exploring new destinations and want your child to enjoy every moment of the outing. But have you considered the preparations you must make before embarking on the journey?

This can be energy draining as kids are not supposed to use adult’s travel kit products, and hence, you will have to prepare a special kit for your little one or else you may face challenges during the trip. Your child's skin is sensitive, and thus, you should have products that cater to their skin and body.

Key Uses of a Travel Kit

A baby kit for easy travel consists of all basic, everyday products like shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and body lotion. Adult products usually contain chemicals which may harm your kid's skin and cause irritation or discomfort.

Therefore, a naturally formulated travelling kit with kids is a must-have. Ensure that the products are made of ayurvedic ingredients so that you can be content about the safety.

You may already be using products made with natural ingredients at home but carrying big bottles is difficult. You need compact-size packs that are convenient to carry and occupy minimum space leading to stress-free travel with kids.

How BABYORGANO EasyGo Travel Kit Makes Life Easier When Travelling with a Baby

BabyOrgano baby travel kit has been designed for mothers who do not compromise their baby's care while travelling. Here are some reasons you should consider buying the kit:

  • Hygiene: Maintaining hygiene during travel is a must, but simultaneously, it isn't easy. You and your kid are exposed to pollution, bacteria, and germs. You may never want your kid to fall ill during or after the trip, so keeping your child germ-free should be a priority.

    A travel bath kit for children with the necessary products helps you maintain cleanliness and hygiene. It contains small, travel-friendly, spill-proof shampoo bottles, body wash and toothpaste.

  • Convenient to carry: When you plan a family trip, you have lots of stuff to carry according to individual requirements, and therefore, it becomes difficult to carry big bottles as they occupy space and are heavy.

    You will never want to pay the extra baggage charges due to heavy luggage just because you did not invest in a travel kit. Also, travel kit sets are easy to pack and unpack whenever required.

  • Best products for your child: BabyOrgano products are trusted by thousands of responsible mothers. You are assured that the same goodness is packed in smaller bottles to ensure your child gets his favourite bath routine outside the home. You do not have to worry about allergies or rashes when using BabyOrgano travel bath care products for kids.

All the Features and Benefits of the BABYORGANO EasyGo Travel Kit

The BabyOrgano EasyGo travel kit covers your daily baby care routine. It has four products which are required when travelling with infants or kids. Here are the details of the packs offered:

  • Baby wash: The BabyOrgano baby wash is made with natural ingredients like hibiscus and aloe vera. These ingredients render soft and smooth skin with a pleasant fragrance. The gentle baby wash nourishes and moisturizes skin to protect your baby's sensitive skin against rashes and irritation. The 30 ml pack is perfect for a short vacation. Your kid will be calm and happy after the bathing routine.
  • Baby shampoo: The Tomatino baby shampoo is an important product in the infant travel kit. The ingredients like neem, tomato, lemon, bhringraj and aloe vera condition your baby's hair and keep them smooth throughout the day. So, when travelling and exploring new places, you do not need to worry about your kid's itching scalp or rough hair.

    Also, this shampoo is a tear-free formula, so your baby will not have eye irritation when you apply the product. An easy-to-use 30 ml shampoo bottle is a blessing when travelling with small kids.

  • Baby lotion: BabyOrgano baby lotion is dermatologically tested and is a perfect choice for nourishing your little one's skin. The lotion is a very important product in the travel kit with kids since their skin tends to get dry and irritated due to long hours of exposure to sun and pollution during travel.

    Thus, it becomes crucial to moisturize their skin with a hydrating lotion. The chemical-free lotion with appropriate pH balance and natural composition will keep the skin problems away and make your travel comfortable and pleasant, as your child will be happy. Wheat germ oil, aloe vera, olive oil and shea butter protect the delicate skin. The 30 ml pack-and-go bottle is a great product in the travel partner kit for parents.

  • Herbal toothpaste: BabyOrgano toothpaste has been formulated to provide the best oral care for your kids. An effective toothpaste minus the chemicals, SLS, fluoride and artificial flavouring agents, this is our star product. The FDCA-approved toothpaste has been included in the travel set kit for kids to ensure that no matter where you travel, your child has a perfect smile always.

    Babool, neem, clove and mulethi have been used in toothpaste as these have been found effective according to Ayurveda. A 10 gm toothpaste cleanses the teeth and gives a refreshing breath all day. Your kid will enjoy the strawberry flavour and say goodbye to all oral problems.

Important Tips for Parents on Using the EasyGo Travel Kit while Travelling with a Baby

If you have bought the BabyOrgano EasyGo travel kit and using the brand's products for the first time, here are some crucial tips you should know:

  • The BabyOrgano baby wash is ideal for newborn and kids. You only need to pour a small amount of the product into your hands and then apply it to the child's body. A smooth lather is formed, which suits your baby's sensitive skin. Rinse off the lather and towel dry after a bath.

    You can use the baby wash twice a day if the weather permits. After you return to your hotel or homestay, bathing the child will help him relax and shoo away all the tiredness. This will aid your baby have a complete and good sleep.

  • Shampooing is important during travel since the kid's scalp is exposed to dirt and pollution during the adventure. You can use BabyOrgano shampoo every day as it is gentle and Ayurvedic. Wet the hair with water and apply a small quantity of shampoo on the scalp. Wash off after gentle massage and lather. Let your kid enjoy smooth, tangle-free hair throughout the trip.
  • Moisturize your child's skin with BabyOrgano lotion after bathing and before bedtime. Clean your baby's body with a wet wipe if you do not want to bathe him at the end of the day, and then apply the lotion.
  • Even during travels, make sure your kiddo brushes twice. It is crucial to avoid cavities and gum problems. Apply a pea-sized amount on the brush and supervise while your child brushes. Rinse the mouth with fresh water for glistening teeth and refreshing breath.

Why could the BABYORGANO EasyGo Travel Kit be a Lifesaver for any Family On-The-Go?

If you buy products from different brands, you may find it difficult since you will first have to check the formulation and reliability of the products and then cross-check the packaging.

However, the BabyOrgano EasyGo travel kit is an amazing trip option when you travel with your kids, as you get the best products in one single package.

Key Takeaways

The EasyGo travel kit is a one-stop solution for all the different needs of your baby care routine. All the products are designed for kids and are effective without side effects. The products can be used for kids of all ages, including infants, which means you do not need two kits for two kids of different ages.

So, if you are planning to travel with an infant or kid, buy the BabyOrgano EasyGo travel kit for a worry-free trip and create memories for a lifetime.