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Rejuvenate Your Baby’s Skin with BabyOrgano Monsoon Special Non Sticky Nourishing Lotion

Rejuvenate Your Baby’s Skin with BabyOrgano Monsoon Special Non Sticky Nourishing Lotion

Children's skin should be soft, moisturized and always clean since dry skin can cause rashes and irritation. Applying lotion at regular intervals is a great way to retain the moistness. However, the results also depend on what kind of lotion mother’s use for their kids. One major blunder some mothers make is using the same lotion that adults in the family use. Remember that your child's skin is way more sensitive than adults; thus, regular moisturizers will not work. In fact, it may cause more harm than good to the tender skin.

Comprehending the Skincare Routine of Your Baby

Superficially you may find your Baby's skin to be fine, but if you understand the skincare routine, you will know that small kids cannot express the discomfort that dry, itchy skin may be causing. Hence, as responsible mothers, you should be cautious and deal with the situation accordingly.

Humidity levels keep changing every season, and you may think your child does not need a lotion during monsoons since it is already humid. But let us correct this notion. Small kids need proper skincare and lotion even in monsoon season. Increased humidity, if not managed properly, your child may suffer from prickly heat or rashes, which are very painful. So, if you do not want your child to suffer, choose a non-sticky nourishing lotion.  

Choosing a Natural Non-sticky Formulation

The baby product market is huge, and numerous brands offer different types of products in various segments. The skin care segment for kids majorly consists of moisturizing lotion. Thus, several companies claim to offer the best product in this category. However, the truth is that with so many alternatives, you need to choose the best product. A lotion with natural ingredients is the best choice since it does not react with the skin and soothes it.

Ingredients and Benefits of BabyOrgano Non-Sticky Nourishing Lotion in Monsoon

The BabyOrgano non-sticky nourishing lotion is the best moisturizing product for monsoons. While the humidity levels are high, a normal lotion can lead to an uneasy kid due to an oily and sticky feeling. Therefore, you should go for BabyOrgano products. It is approved by Ayush, FDA and certified by GMP, which indicates the quality of the product. The lotion is made of natural ingredients and herbs which is its USP. Here is a list of herbs used in the product:

  • Shea butter: This ingredient treats dry and irritated skin and is soothing. Shea butter gets readily absorbed into the skin.
  • Olive oil: With therapeutic properties, olive oil moisturizes and naturally smoothens skin.
  • Wheat germ oil: Another natural moisturizing ingredient.
  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera has been used for decades as an ingredient of ayurvedic skincare products. It nourishes the skin and helps in prickly heat and rashes.

Key Benefits of Using BabyOrgano Non-sticky Lotion

Unlike commercially acclaimed and marketed baby lotions, BabyOrgano focuses on offering a natural, ayurvedic skincare solution for kids. Below are some major benefits of using non-sticky lotion during monsoon:

  • Kids want to enjoy every moment of their childhood, so no matter the weather, your little one will play outdoors, exposing them to dust, pollution, sun, and germs. During monsoon, when humidity levels are high, the moisturizing process goes for a toss as the lotion is washed off by sweat. While most lotions offer protection by forming a layer on the skin surface, BabyOrgano non-sticky formulation gets readily absorbed into the skin. This makes it much more effective when compared to its competitors.
  • Ayurvedic ingredients for natural oils: Skin also contains natural oils that must be maintained. While low oil levels can cause dry, patchy skin, oily skin is prone to acne. Hence, in any way, attaining the right balance is essential. BabyOrgano lotion maintains appropriate oils in the skin, which makes your child's skin glow and smooth.
  • Chemical-free composition: Natural baby lotions are free of chemicals like sulphates, parabens, formaldehyde, etc. These chemicals severely affect the skin when used in the long term. Thus, it is necessary to choose BabyOrgano and keep your child away from such chemicals, dyes and artificial fragrances.
  • Dermatologically tested: BabyOrgano has been tested dermatologically and is found to meet the criteria to be classified as a child-friendly, safe, nourishing lotion.

How to use the BabyOrgano Lotion Safely

BabyOrgano non-sticky lotion is appropriate for newborns up to 15 years of age. You can apply it several times daily according to Baby's skin type and requirements. Make sure you use it after your bathing routine. Warm a small portion of the lotion by rubbing your palms before applying it to the kid's body. Massaging for a few minutes ensures that the lotion is absorbed into the skin.

Tips on how to help keep Your Baby's Skin Healthy All Year Round

Moisturizing your Baby's skin is crucial irrespective of the season. BabyOrgano lotion is a product that mothers can rely on to maintains a healthy skincare routine around the year. The following tips will help you:

  • Cleaning is necessary: Moisturizing skin without cleaning it is not the right approach. Applying lotion on dirty skin can lead to infections and rashes as germs and dirt stay intact. Make sure you wash or wipe Baby's body well before the lotion.
  • Moisturize evenly: You should moisturize the skin evenly by spreading the lotion and then massaging in circular motions until the lotion is completely absorbed.
  • Lotion after bath: Never forget to moisturize Baby's skin after the bath. It is the best time as the body pores are open and the lotion is absorbed well. Also, the skin moisture is retained, eradicating chances of dry skin or itching.
  • Moisturize before going out: Your kids love playing, which may also hamper their skin. Remember to use BabyOrgano non-sticky lotion whenever your Baby is ready to step outside. This will help maintain moisture and avoid infections due to pollutants and dirt.
  • Moisturize before sleep: Complete the moisturizing cycle by applying lotion at night. This will help your child's skin rejuvenate and stay hydrated throughout sleep.

What sets BabyOrgano Non-Sticky Nourishing Lotion for Kids apart from other Lotions on the market?

BabyOrgano non-sticky nourishing lotion focuses on children and is formulated according to their skin requirements. The natural ingredients with medicinal properties let your child's skin breathe and stay smooth. A perfect choice for all caring mothers, the lotion provides all-inclusive skincare.

Key Takeaways

A skincare regime for small children is challenging since you cannot use chemical-based formulations. They may smell amazing and have attractive packaging, but the truth is that they can harm delicate skin. It is time to ditch the regular lotion brands available in the market and invest in BabyOrgano nourishing lotion today.