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How To Develop Krishna Consciousness In Kids On This Janmashtami

How To Develop Krishna Consciousness In Kids On This Janmashtami

Janmashtami is the Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of lord Krishna. The stories, glories and histories of lord Krishna are known and worshiped globally. It's no hidden fact that lord Krishna has a great impression on kids because of his notorious and playful childhood anecdotes. When a child experiences Krishna consciousness at home and has listened to many stories of Krishna, all he would want to do is, learn the ways of adopting Krishna consciousness. Children follow what they see more than what you teach.

It is the best practice to indulge your kid in Krishna consciousness right from an early age. Therefore, try to teach your kids the Krishna consciousness by implementing activities that lead them to Krishna's path on this Janmashtami.

Janmashtami Krishna Consciousness Activities for Kids

Pre-plan Janmashtami celebration

Involve your kid in activities that teach the significance and value of our culture. So, you can plan the Janmashtami celebrations and list things your child can help you with. If you're going to shop for the festival, let the child accompany you. Create handmade invitation cards to invite friends, neighbors or relatives to celebrate Janmashtami. Allow your child to be a part of the decorations and explain the importance of things such as matki, flute, and peacock feathers. Narrating a story makes it easier for kids to remember things and their significance.

Make bhog for Krishna

While planning for Janmashtami celebrations, you can share anecdotes of Krishna with your kids regarding how he used to eat his favorite Makhan (butter) and mishri. Include your child in cooking bhog for lord Krishna. Before beginning the process, explain the customary way to maintain personal hygiene to prepare food for your deity. Also, share the information with your child about why it is mandatory to serve the bhog to lord Krishna with tulsi leaves.

Bath and dress your deities

Bathing and dressing your deities is one of the most grounding Krishna consciousness activities for kids. When you sit for bathing lord Krishna at your home, include your child and let them also follow the procedure of bathing the god. Place fruits, flowers, and panchamrut( ghee, honey, milk, yogurt and sugar) to do the Abhishek. Allow your child to properly clean the lord Krishna and choose an outfit and jewelry for the god. The activity of bathing and dressing your deities keeps the children connected with Krishna.

Perform aarti and pooja for the lord Krishna

It is a devotional practice to offer aarti and pooja to lord Krishna. Place asana on the ground near the temple or place where you have a temple at home. After bathing and dressing the lord, demonstrate the process of doing pooja to your kids. Place a little vermilion (kumkum) on lord Krishna's forehead and feet. Offer flowers on the deity's feet and perform aarti along with chanting mantras or singing aarti with the help of musical instruments.

Sing and dance on Krishna bhajans

Play or sing Krishna bhajans every morning or evening. Listening to Krishna bhajans helps your child to memorize those bhajans. On the festival of Janmashtami, it is uplifting to see the kids sing Krishna bhajans along with you and dance energetically. You can often arrange family kirtan time and create a powerful source of connection with Krishna by delightfully dancing to his bhajans or songs.

Watch Krishna consciousness videos or animated movies

Showing Krishna animated movies or videos will fascinate kids as it'll grab their attention immediately. Animated movies are the most convenient ways to teach children about Krishna and his eternal tales of divinity, love, friendship and everything about the multi-dimensional lord. There are many 3D animated movies of lord Krishna which can also be the right pick for your kiddo.

Visit the temple

 It is a good practice to visit the temple frequently. But, visiting temples on occasions or festivals is an entirely different experience. Visit the temple with your kids on the festival of Janmashtami to witness the special activities, arrangements and celebrations. The vibe and energy present in the atmosphere is mesmerizing and heart-touching. When the children get exposure to such a divine atmosphere, it encourages them to be on the path of Krishna consciousness.

Well, there are numerous activities to create Krishna consciousness in kids. As parents, all you need to do is accompany your child to perform activities and stay consistent. Happy Janmashtami!