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How to increase a child’s appetite?

How to increase a child’s appetite?

If a child is not eating his food properly, this becomes a matter of concern for his mother. The underlying reason behind this less appetite can be many, like illness, stress, prescribed medicines, constipation, snacks in between the meals, etc. This loss of appetite in kids can be well-treated as well as prevented with some easy tips.

1. Serve moderate portions of meals

If you serve a plate-full meal to your child at one go, this may make your child nervous and as a result, he may not eat everything. By this repeated habit, his appetite will get reduced. Therefore, do not serve so many things to eat for your child. You can make small portions of the same so that he can enjoy the tasty food cooked by you.

2. Keep the electronic devices away during the mealtime

Children love playing with electronic devices. They love to carry them every time including their mealtime as well. Hence, if a child is concentrated on playing games at smartphones, or tablets while having a meal, this will affect his food intake level also. He may not feel the actual taste of the food, which in turn will reduce his appetite. Therefore, how much it is possible, keep the electronic devices away during the mealtime.

3. Do not serve fruit juice before meals

Fruit juices and drinks are loaded with calories and hence make a child tummy full. Therefore, do not serve your child any fruit juice or any other beverage before meals. If you want, you can serve fruit juice at least an hour before the mealtime.

4. Do not let your child skip breakfast

Breakfast is considered to be the best for good health. Therefore never let your child skip his or her breakfast at any cost. A healthy metabolism starts with a tummy full breakfast. It boosts energy and increases appetite.

5. No extra glasses of Milk

Whenever we see a crying or a tired child, we often serve him milk without thinking that he/she has already consumed two glasses of milk in a day. Please understand, too much of milk consumption also reduces the natural appetite of a child. Because its tummy gets full after drinking 150 ml of milk, then how will he/she eat the main course.

6. Add some spices in your child’s food

Spices, in moderate quantity, are good for a child’s healthy metabolism. Incorporate some spices into your child’s food like cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, etc. These spices not only add good taste in food but also makes the food appealing to eat.

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