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How to make milk time fun for toddlers

How to make milk time fun for toddlers

Milk is a vital source of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Lot of nutrients such as – calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and B12 are found in milk. For toddler’s consumption of milk is a necessity that cant be neglected. Your child might show reluctance to have milk but you should make it sure that they drink milk everyday.

After consuming a glass of milk, our stomach gets filled partially so practically milk is a complete meal on its own. Children might not like the taste of milk and that’s why they throw tantrums when they are asked to drink milk.

You probably acted the same way when you were younger and asked to drink milk. But now when we know the benefits of milk like healthy teeth, stronger bones, reduced risk of obesity and makes skin glowing one should never let their child miss a single glass. If your kid is also very fussy about drinking milk and runs away whenever you ask them to drink milk then this article is for you.

Ways to make milk time fun for toddlers

  • A lot of children dislike the taste of milk, which results in reluctance to drink milk. To solve this issue, you can just add some flavored powder such as Herbal ChocoVita. Who can resist such delicious flavors. This ChocoVita is made with the goodness of ayurvedic herbs and enhances the nutrition of milk plus makes it super yummy.
  • As parents you ultimate goal is to make your kid drink milk without them showing tantrums so, another solution can be to add cereals to milk. There is a lot cereals available in various sizes, colors and flavors. You can take your child along and let them choose for themselves.
  • If despite everything your kid doesn’t want to drink milk than yogurt is also a nice alternative. As yogurt is mad up of milk it is its substitute. A lot of brands make flavored yogurt and they taste delicious. Your child would not be able to say no to these. You can give them yogurt after lunch or dinner.
  • Milkshakes are also a viable option. Just combine fruits, cocoa powder and milk and yummy milkshake are ready. You can make milkshakes with literally every fruit of their choice and serve those milk shakes in fancy cups. This would attract them and make them have it. With that you can also give them a cookie or a biscuit with it.
  • The ultimate goal is to make them consume milk, if all these solutions are not working then cook dishes that have milk in them such as- whit pasta where the sauce is mainly made with milk or puddings for dessert is also a great option.