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How To Protect Children's Skin And Hair During Monsoon

How To Protect Children's Skin And Hair During Monsoon

Monsoon comes with a splash of happiness for all. How cherishing it is to have a gala time outdoors with your kiddo. It is the season when kids cannot wait to drench in the rain, play in puddles and jump in the muddy water, but that's what monsoon is for.

However, with all the fun and joy, the monsoon can be a cautious sign for parents. The humid weather can cause skin and hair problems in kids. Dampness and humidity are why it is crucial to protect your child's hair and skin during the monsoon.

Hence, to maintain your child's health below is the run-down of monsoon skin and hair care tips for kids.

Monsoon Skin and Haircare Tips for Kids

Mandatory shower after rain

Undoubtedly, parents should allow children to bathe in the rain. Kids develop strong immunity by playing with mud, releasing happy chemicals from their brains. However, a child's body temperature also drops when they get wet in the rain. Bathe your child with soap, or gentle baby body wash with lukewarm water as it raises the body temperature so they don't catch a cold. Thoroughly clean all the dirt and mud on their body as it can create flaky, itchy skin or may cause fungal infections.

Give a soothing oil massage.

Regardless of the season, giving an oil massage to your kid plays a significant role in keeping their skin healthy and soft. Use soothing baby massage oil that suits your kid's skin, and avoid massaging them at odd hours. When you massage your child, it makes them relax and calm and nourishes their skin.

Wash your child's head

Excessive moisture and sweat are why washing your child's hair during monsoon season are essential. The dirt, impurities, and moisture block the scalp, which leads to itchy scalp and tangled strands in kids. So, wash your child's hair twice or thrice a week with shampoo that is chemical free, contains natural ingredients and keeps their hair smooth and lustrous.

Ensure dry and comfortable clothing for kids

In the rainy season, clothes do not dry due to the dampness in the weather. However, ensure to keep your child's clothes dry, double check with the fabric and iron the cloth if required. Damp clothes can cause skin irritation and itching in kids. So, avoid nylon or synthetic material and stick to cotton for your child's utmost comfort.

Maintain diaper hygiene

Children have the most delicate skin. And, sometimes, diapers can cause rashes and infection in kids if left unchecked. Specifically, during the monsoon season, parents must change the baby's diaper frequently to prevent diaper rashes. Also, apply a diaper rash cream after bathing the child and provide some diaper-free time to let that diaper area breathe.

Apply skin-friendly moisturizer

Moisturizers are not just for winters. Children may get itchy and flaky skin during the monsoon, especially after bathing in the rain. Consider applying a toxin-free moisturizer for kids, or you can also use nourishing baby lotion for deep nourishment and smooth skin. Moisturize your child's skin with a non-sticky moisturizer post bath to shield them from infections and rashes.

Along with these protective measures, also check on their overall hygiene. Provide a balanced diet, keep your child hydrated and use mosquito repellents. Moreover, focus on building your child's robust immunity system and for that Baalprashan Sawarnaprashan for kids is the perfect pick. It helps to increase your child's physical and mental health and prevent illness. Be heedful about choosing the best-suited and skin-friendly products for your kids.