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How to protect kids from mosquitoes and dengue?

How to protect kids from mosquitoes and dengue?

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that usually spreads the most in the monsoon season. Because at this time maximum multiplication in the number of mosquitoes happens. The irritating noise and the itching after they bite are terrifying. But unfortunately, our children cannot express what they feel. The only thing that is visible is red spots on the body. Look for these symptoms in child apart from mild fever,

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Body pain

Dengue fever can happen to anyone however, a kid’s immune system is in the developing phase so their chances of getting it increases. Hence, it becomes important for parents to take necessary preventive measures to keep their children safe from mosquitoes.

Children can't protect themselves as they have no clue of this disease and, therefore it becomes our responsibility to protect them.

It is a non-communicable disease so, the risk of getting it from someone reduces. The fever lasts about 2-7 days and, the symptoms are present anywhere from 4 – 14 days. Preventing this disease is quite simple and as no vaccine is available for this disease yet all the prevention lies in our hands.

Controlling it from not spreading can reduce the number of kids suffering from dengue fever and, by that you can not only help your child stay away from diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. you can also help other parents and their children.

Follow these easy steps to prevent dengue fever in children

easy steps to prevent dengue fever in children
  • The very first prevention technique is to use a repellent. There are a lot of repellents available at the market, choose one which is safe for kids and does not have harmful effects on their skin. Repellents would help to give mosquitoes away.
  • Make them wear clothes that cover most of their skin so that the exposed skin is minimum and the mosquito doesn’t bite. Buy clothes that have full sleeves and make them wear full pants, shoes, and socks.
  • As the immunity system of your child is still building up so, feed them food that will help to build their immunity. A stronger immune system would keep your child away from a lot of diseases. Some immunity-boosting foods are- turmeric, almonds, garlic, green vegetable, and citrus food.
  • Use net and mosquito meshes, they are very cost-friendly methods that help you in shielding your child.
  • Don’t let mosquitoes breed. Remove all the collected stale water, as it is the biggest breeding resource for mosquitoes. Stagnate water helps the mosquitoes to breed so, get rid of it. Keep changing water and discarding the old.
  • During the rainy season try to keep your kid indoors so that mosquitoes don’t bite them and they stay safe. Dawn and dusk are two times when you should restrict your child from playing outdoors.
  • Keep your house clean, use things that help the mosquito to stay away from your hose. Close doors and windows so that mosquitoes don’t enter.

By adding these small things to your routine you will help your kid and your family stay safe from dengue fever.