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How to take care of your child's health in the changing season?

How to take care of your child's health in the changing season?

Witnessing a season change seems to be beautiful, however, for a mother, it can be like a nightmare. The reason for this is that her child may fall sick again during this weather change. It is quite common for children to fall ill by the age of 5 until their immunity is fully developed, however, the hard work they have to do to recover from fever is quite challenging. And thus, this beautiful transformation of weather change becomes a nightmare for almost every mother.

Well, there are certain tips which can be adopted to protect a child from seasonal sickness. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, hence adopt these tips as and when you notice the change in weather, as these tips work better if adopted well before time, not when you see your child is falling ill.

Please note: These below-mentioned do not apply to the kids below the age of 6 months. Until the age of 6 months, breastmilk is the best solution to every health problem in baby.

1. Maintain proper hydration level

Water is that essential thing which protects our body by almost every infection. It helps in flushing out the harmful toxins from our body and keeps it healthy and immune. Hence, let your child drink sufficient freshwater in a day, however, if possible, give him lukewarm water to drink because it is always good for health.

Please note, virus and other harmful bacteria enter into the body when they find a dry nasal passage and throat to trespass. Therefore, make sure the water consumption level is appropriate in your child.

2. Serve Vitamin C

Our immune system is made up of cells that require ample quantity of Vitamin C so that it can fight infections and keep sickness away. Therefore, do serve your child citrus fruits or juice extracted from them. The best and easy one is sweet lime juice. You can give sweet lime juice on every alternate day and this will also keep your child active and energetic throughout the day. Other options can be orange juice, mosambi juice, pineapple fruit, etc. These fruits are often been loved by the kids and therefore, you can give them without any second thought.

3. Consider Dry fruits and Nuts too

Dry fruits and nuts are the best way to provide warmth to a body during a weather change. Most of the kids fall sick at the time of monsoon and winter; when the outside temperature gets to drop. Hence, in this situation, eating of nuts and dry fruits will keep your child’s body warm and will also keep sickness away. You may consider giving your child Almond’s milk, dry fruits kheer, dry fruits laddoo, cornflakes with dry fruits, etc.

However, please note that do not serve food made from dry fruits regularly. It can make your child’s tummy upset, hence give twice in a week. Alternatively, 2-3 overnight soaked almonds can be given to a child regularly.

4. Make use of Tulsi, Ginger, and Honey

It is a very well-known fact that Tulsi, Ginger, and Honey have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This gift of Nature can never go wrong in protecting a body from any infection. Therefore, make your child habitual of eating Tulsi leaves once in a day, or having 1 teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with honey. Or even a combination of these three items will also do the needful.

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5. Physical activity is important

Most of the mothers keep their children indoors when it comes to a weather change. But it is important for a human body to get exposed to every external change. It enhances body power and immunity to get easily adjusted in any weather. Therefore, allow your child to play outside (with proper and needed precautions) even if there is a change in weather. And, if in case, it is not possible then let him/her play inside with full energy. Physical activeness always helps a body to grow positively.

A child should feel the enjoyment of the first splash of the rain, as well as enjoy throwing the snowballs in winter.