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Safety precautions for kids when schools reopen

Safety precautions for kids when schools reopen

It has been more than a week and we can see parents and children happy as the schools have reopened and children are back to their routine. On one hand, parents are keen to send their children to school, while on the other hand, they are apprehensive about the virus and its new variant. Parents are in a great dilemma as sending kids to school may be risky but keeping them home is impacting their social and psychological health.

Schools have been ensuring all possible measures for the safety of children and staff during this reopening after covid lockdown, but as a parent here are a few measures that are recommended to be verified before you send your child to school.

  1. Check if the school staff and management are fully vaccinated. Also, ask for a monthly/weekly sanitization report from school. This will control your anxiety and fear.
  2. Ensure there is a regular temperature check at the main gate of the school. The guards should be well trained to use the thermometers and inform the authorities immediately of any causalities.
  3. Apart from checking with school authorities train your child to always put a mask in school buses and class. Make them wear a comfortable mask that can cover the nose and mouth properly. Guide your child to use a sanitizer when they reach the class, before eating anything, and after the class.
  4. Once the child is back home, change their clothes and make them wash their hands properly. Sanitize their bag, boxes, and other material they have carried to school (except papers).
  5. Regularly check your child’s health. Do not send the child to school even if there is a minor cough, cold, or fever. Get the reports done if needed. Do not ignore any signs or symptoms of Covid-19. It may cause an inconvenience for a few days for you and your child but remember it will stop the virus from spreading among other children in school.
  6. Talk to your child daily and understand the safe environment in school and while transit.

Pandemic has hit the world while coping up without compromising on safety and security of children should be the new normal. Increased screen time and reduced social interactions have affected the mental health of our children. It is time to get ready to send them back to school but do not forget the fear of the virus still prevails. So, sent them to school adhering to pandemic rules.

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