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Why Moisturizer is a must have for babies in Winter?

Why Moisturizer is a must have for babies in Winter?

Dry skin of babies is a major problem, especially during winter season. Exposure to cold atmosphere or changing weather conditions can lead to a dull and dry skin. During winters, baby’s skin required little extra care and attention. Their skin is sensitive hence, applying any cream or lotion may not really work. Baby’s skin needs special nourishment so moisturizers that are created for baby’s tender skin should be picked wisely.

Here are is why you need a special moisturizer to protect your baby’s skin and keep it soft and supple during winters.

  1. Reduce the chances of skin problems by using the right moisturizer for your baby’s skin.
  2. Moisturizer will help to keep the skin soft and smooth throughout the day, especially the sensitive parts of the face, ears, neck and cheeks.
  3. Moisturizer is a perfect way to complete the hot water shower. Hot water removes the moisture and shine from the skin, this can be restored by using the right moisturizer.
  4. Moisturizer also protects the baby from harmful rays of sun even in colder months.
  5. Moisturizer can protect the skin from irritation and itchiness, it can soothe the sensitive skin of the baby.

When should you moisturize baby’s skin?

Always apply a natural moisturizer on baby’s skin right after giving him a hot water bath with using Gentle Baby Wash. It will nourish and hydrate the skin to keep it smooth throughout the day. You can also apply Nourishing Baby Lotion on baby’s skin during bedtime after giving a warm sponge bath in the evening.

What should you look for in moisturizers for baby?

  • It should be natural, without any harmful chemicals and fragrances.
  • Choose the moisturizer that can deeply nourish the baby’s skin from within.
  • Check the ingredients and make sure it is made of natural ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, aloe vera and other natural oils.
  • It should be dermatologically tested and approved by legal bodies.
  • It should be non-sticky and non-greasy.
  • It should be fragrance free.

Apart from bathing and moisturizing dress your child according to the weather, keep the baby hydrated and give him proper massage before the bath to keep child’s skin healthy and soft.

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