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Yoga for toddlers - Benefits & Tips

Yoga for toddlers - Benefits & Tips

There is no second thought that Yoga is beneficial to health irrespective of the person’s age. And with the ongoing pandemic situation, where every citizen is residing inside their home, Yoga is the only thing which can provide help in keeping the body and mind stress-free. This calming and relaxing activity is good for every age group. Regardless of the person’s age, Yoga is helpful in improving strength, balance and flexibility in the body. It not only manages stress, but it also utilizes the energy by benefiting from several health issues.

If you're concerned that your little toddler should do Yoga or not, then this blog post is for you!

How is Yoga beneficial to a toddler?

We all accept that kids have become addicted to different kinds of electronic gadgets. Having said that, it has become essential to channelise the energy of this young-generation towards any fruitful activity because the over dependence on the electronic gadget can take the toll of their health. Here, Yoga can be helpful in several ways.

  • Yoga increases children’s body awareness and mindfulness.
  • It enhances memory power and concentration.
  • Yoga can also strengthen a child’s body.
  • Yoga also manages the child’s anxiety and improves children’s emotional imbalance.

Therefore, Yoga is one of the best indoor activities for the growing kids because it is associated with several health benefits which can keep your toddler energetic and healthy. Yoga also develops confidence in children because it allows a child to try new things by imitating others. Again, it is also great for boosting fine motor skills in them.

When should a child start doing Yoga?

Where other forms of exercise and physical activities depend upon a certain age of a child, but Yoga is the only form of physical fitness activity which does not refer to any specific age bracket. There is no specific age bracket or any time frame which has to be followed before one starts doing Yoga. Hence, whenever you feel that your toddler is inquisitive in imitating your Yoga postures, start teaching him too. As this can be the right time to start helping your little toddler to understand about his body and mindfulness. This early start can help him to control his emotions as well as be more concentrated in any activity.

Tips for Practicing Yoga with Toddlers

Teaching Yoga to kids at this tender age can be a challenging work, but as the kids are active and flexible at this age, they tend to learn things faster. However, before exposing your child to Yoga, certain important tips should be followed so that practicing yoga with toddlers can become easy.

  1. Be flexible with the time

    There can be certain times where your little toddler is taking a bit of extra time in doing certain posture. If this is the case, then let it be! A child may take his own time to get his body adjusted into a particular posture. Who knows, one fine day you may see that child is doing Yoga better than you!

  2. Teach some easy pose

    When you’re teaching or practicing yoga with your toddler, then start with some easy and relaxed pose. Because if you start with the rigid ones, then it may not encourage your toddler to copy you. Rather he may feel bored and exhausted very soon.

  3. Play good music

    Music stirs our soul and relaxes our mind, especially when it comes to any relaxing activity. Therefore, as Yoga is helpful in soothing our mind and soul, play some light and relaxing music when your child is accompanying you in Yoga. This will keep his mind engaged and relaxed too.

  4. Control your expectations

    Most of the time you will observe that your child is not that quick and enthusiastic in performing every postures of Yoga. But don't be disappointed, rather control your expectations. Let him take some extra time to get into correct posture, or let him play with the Yoga mats while you’re in your meditation. If you shout, yell or force him, then he may not come for Yoga the next day. Therefore, limit your expectations and set your child free from the stipulated timeline.

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