Natural Ubtan Ayurvedic Body Cleanser
Natural Ubtan Ayurvedic Body Cleanser

What is Ubtan

Ubtan is an age-old body cleansing powdered mix of Ayurvedic herbs and natural ingredients for kids. It is enriched with the nourishment of green gram(moong), sandalwood(chandan), neem, chickpea flour (besan), turmeric(haldi) and rose petals and gently cleans, enhances the baby's skin, and removes fine hair. This multi-purpose Ayurvedic remedy can be used as a soap, scrub or even a face mask for clear and glowing skin. It is in powder form which is mixed with milk, milk cream, curd, or rose water and used on kids' gentle skin. It makes babies skin fresh and clean, acts as an anti-allergic medium on the skin, nourishes and moisturizes the skin and removes unwanted fine hair.

Used From Thousands Of Years

BabyOrgano Natural Ubtan - Ayurvedic Multipurpose Bath Powder with 8+Herbs, FDCA Approved and GMP Certified

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How Natural Ubtan is made of?

Ubtan is also most likely the world’s oldest bath powder and face mask used to nourish skin. It is an Ayurvedic body cleanser, packed with essential Ayurvedic herbs and minerals that yield healthy and fresh skin. It is a powdered mix of natural and Ayurvedic ingredients like green gram(moong),sandalwood(chandan), neem, chickpea flour (besan), turmeric(haldi) and rose petals. To make Ubtan we have to grind all ingredients and mix them in sufficient quantities to make a smooth powder. It is the time to ditch soap and grab this totally natural Ubtan Body Cleanser for your kids, the extremely soft baby skin.

How Natural Ubtan is made of

What Makes Us Different

Ubtan in natural Powdered foam
Natural Ubtan No artificial fragrance added
Soap With Artificial Fragrance
Soap Contain Harmful Chemicals
Natural Ubtan Powder


Sandalwood has been valued for thousands of years for its medicinal and fragrant properties. It maintains skin healthy and radiant, relieves prickly heat, and soothes irritated skin.


Chickpea flour exfoliates dead skin and removes sun tan from skin. It also plays an important role in removing unwanted fine hair and makes skin soft and nourished.


Turmeric is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It makes skin smooth and flawless, improves skin tone, and removes blemishes & scars.


Neem contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce acne, relieves skin dryness, skin itchiness, and redness, It is also an excellent source of moisturizer for the skin.

Made With Homegrown Ingredients

BabyOrgano Natural Ubtan kid's Body Cleanser, For Gentle Cleansing & Nourishment of Babies Skin | Inspired by Grandma's Secrets | 100% Natural | FDCA Approved

35 total reviews

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Here’s Why you can Trust us!


Clinically Proven Herbs

BabyOrgano Natural Ubtan is made with Ayurvedic herbs which is clinically proven for its magical health benefits.


Quality Assured

BabyOrgano Natural Ubtan is approved by the ministry of Ayush and FDCA. and made in GMP and ISO certified facilities.


Free from harmful chemicals

BabyOrgano Natural Ubtan is free from all kinds of preservatives, artificial colors and harmful chemicals.


Easy To Use

The ingredients in Natural Ubtan are already mixed in the right quantity. Simply open it, take the needed amount, mix it with milk/ milk cream/curd/rose water/water, and make a paste, Now gently apply it on baby's body.

Payal Natural Ubtan

How to Use

  • ♦ Take the required amount of Ubtan in a bowl and mix it with Water/Rose Water/ Curd /milk cream/ Milk.
  • ♦ Mix it well to make a thick paste.
  • ♦ Apply to all over moist skin.
  • ♦ After 3 to 4 minutes rinse it off while scrubbing gently.


BabyOrgano Natural Ubtan works perfectly for babies over 1 month.

Reasons to Love Us

  • 100% Ayurvedic
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No Artificial Fragrance
    No Artificial
  • No Side Effect
    Side Effect
  • Save for Kids
    for kids

Our Best Seller

BabyOrgano Natural Ubtan | Skin Lightening and Tan Removal For Babies | Exfoliates dead skin cells | Safe for New Borns

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Our Story

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Our Story

Grandmothers are best when it comes to desi nuska for their grandchildren. So was mine, also she groomed me with the knowledge to pass on ahead. Through BabyOrgano I thrive to create a bridge for all those who are not fortunate enough to get this through their grandmother with the immense richness of Ayurveda. Our Indian roots are stronger and wider in medical history for ages & we try to deliver the same to you with the love of your grandmother & nurture this relationship to its best. I want every child to be healthy from the inside first to sustain the outside world later and I believe to deliver it with our Indian herbs wrapped as Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Bath Ritual

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In Ayurveda, bathing is described as a therapeutic, healing experience which restores physical energy in the body, removes toxins, sweat, and dirt from the baby’s skin, and gently relaxes the mind by balancing emotions. Baby’s Bath Ritual includes a gentle massage with BabyOrgano Massage oil, which Promotes social, emotional and cognitive development and helps baby relax and release tensions of daily stimuli, Ubtan exfoliates baby’s skin, Gentle Baby Wash gently cleanse baby skin and removes dirt. BabyOrgano Tomatino Shampoo cleanses the baby's hair gently and makes it soft and shiny, and in the end nourishes the baby’s soft skin with BabyOrgano nourishing baby lotion.

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Natural Ubtan Powder from BabyOrgano | Enriched with Sandalwood, Green Mug, and Turmeric | For body cleansing, fine hair removal, and tan removal | FDCA-approved and GMP-certified

35 total reviews

Regular price From ₹ 449.00
Regular price ₹ 499.00 Sale price From ₹ 449.00
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Frequent Asked Questions

Take the required quantity in a bowl and mix it with Water / Rose Water / Curd / Milk. After 3-4 min, apply to all over moist skin. Rinse off while scrubbing gently.

You should start the use of Natural Ubtan on babies over 1 month.

Yes it will be helpful but it takes a longer time and required daily use because it’s a natural process.

Lightening skin tone and tan removal are 2 different things. This face pack helps in tan removal and glowing skin.

Yes it’s suitable for all skin type.

Its helps to remove blemishes and reducing tan in everyday use and it protect skin cells from free radical damage and keep it healthy.