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BabyOrgano - BugsAway Mosquito Repellent Fabric Spray - 100ml

Natural spray formula to keep insects away

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✅ Citronellla Oil : Known to protect agian mosquitoes that spread malaria, Dengue & chikungunya
✅ Lavender Oil : It wards Mosquitos off without Irritatting your skin.
✅ Lemnongreass Oil : Keep safe from mosqutitoes naturally.
✅ Eucalyptus oil : It soothes insect bites.

Product Discription

Are you worried that mosquitoes will bite your baby and hurt him or her? You want to keep them safe, but you don't know how. You need the best mosquito repellent that you know is safe for your children. The BabyOrgano mosquito repellent spray keeps your kids safe from mosquitoes that spread diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and others. It keeps mosquitoes away from your baby and is made of Citronella, Lemongrass, Neem and Eucalyptus oil. It doesn't have DEET, so kids and babies can use it without worry.
  • Baalamrut Who

    ♦ BabyOrgano BugsAway Mosquito Repellent is suitable for kids over 6 months

  • How to use it

    ♦ Small drops of BugsAway Mosquito Repellent spray should be applied on the fabric on the sleeves, legs, and back side.

  • ♦ keep it away from the nose. Re-apply when necessary.

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