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5 Creative Ways to Teach Responsibility to Kids

5 Creative Ways to Teach Responsibility to Kids

We have been discussing at length how pandemic has been difficult for us adults, but we often forget how these things are affecting our children. They have been, robbed of the simple pleasures of life like hanging out at a park, celebrating birthdays, going to school, and making new friends. At the same time, as they are growing up, we expect them to be more responsible and independent.

Now comes the dilemma, where the kids want to be responsible and independent in their choice of food and clothes, TV show choices, and other lifestyle choices. Whereas we as parents want them to be more responsible towards their chores and studies. So how do we bridge the gap? Teaching your kids to be responsible humans can be a tricky task but it can be made fun of when you have a few creative ways on your hand:

Teaching Responsibility