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6 Tips for Moms Working From Home with Kids

6 Tips for Moms Working From Home with Kids

The quarantine phase has already hyped work-from-home culture for us. However, ask a mom, and you’ll know what working from home with kids exactly looks like. When the kid comes running up to you in the middle of a zoom meeting, their constant peeing, pooping and eating cycle, and those never-ending complaints. Working from home with babies really requires a ton of patience and life balancing skills.
Regardless of the list of activities you arrange for the kids, they’ll still need you every time. Phewww!
We understand the struggle is real, and that’s why we are here with some tips to ease your work and mom life balance.

Tips for Working From Home with Kids

Adjust Your Schedule

Tips for Working From Home with Kids

Despite having a lot on your plate, flexibility is one advantage that working from home caters to. Therefore, plan your schedule so that you don’t have to juggle to complete your tasks. Multitasking is a boon, but it can be a conundrum at times because you’re trying to do it all at once. Hence, to avoid such a mess, set a schedule that contributes to your productivity so that you can wrap fast and spend time with your kiddo.

Grab That Free Time

It is so blissful to get some free time when the baby sleeps. Well, that ultimate free time can surely tempt you to sneak in the social media or to watch something. But, oh dear, this is the time to grab the opportunity and finish your work. Once your baby develops a predictable nap schedule, it becomes a piece of cake for you to work accordingly. When you work during their nap time, it keeps you more focused and sets you free to work faster comparatively.

Don’t Pretend

If your kids come fighting in the middle of zoom, and you feel like they’re getting on your nerves, you give that fake smile. Duh, there’s no need to pretend that everything is fine. Therefore, it is favorable to accept a fact to your colleagues that you’ve kids that can’t keep calm at times because they need you. Inform them that you have stipulated working hours, and you can’t just get things done out of the blues. This helps them to schedule meetings and assign you the work accordingly.

Set Boundaries

Set clear boundaries so that you don’t have to bounce back and forth to complete the tasks. Let the family members know about your work time and privacy. Do not be in the urge to overdo things at the cost of you. So, take help from family members to spend time with the baby or hire someone to help with childcare.

Let Technology be the Savior

Screen time for your baby can be a savior for you at times. Technology is a modern-day reality, and we cannot deny that. No mom can keep their kids away from getting their hands on the gadgets. Allowing a bit of screen time to your kid isn’t harmful, but you have to watch through and set a boundary for screen time too.  All you need to do is let them accompany you while you work so you can monitor your kid and work altogether.

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Make Time for Your Kid

Make Time for Your Kid

No amount of work is more significant at the cost of your time with your baby. Prioritize them because it’s now when they need you the most. Don’t be harsh on them to get your work done; that isn’t balance; it’s a disruption. Make a checklist of their routine first and sneak in your work time suitably. Be gentle with your kid and let them know that they are your biggest supporter.

Either the work or family or baby or all the responsibilities, do not forget that your well-being is crucial to keep you going. Know your limits and give your best.