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Sending Kids to Preschool: Necessary or Not?

Sending Kids to Preschool: Necessary or Not?

Heard the saying, 'Earlier the better? At a certain point, we as parents have this urge to accelerate the process of every phase of our kid's life with the apparent positive intent. But is it appropriate for all decisions?

Well, here we're discussing the beginning of a crucial phase of a child, which starts from pre-school. It may be a dilemma for parents to decide whether to send their child to pre-nursery or not, why pre-school is important, etc. However, you may or may not be aware of the specific pros and cons of pre-school.

So, let's unfold the aspects of sending your child to pre-school to have a clear picture.

Advantages of Sending Kids to Preschool

Helps with the academic basics

Pre-school introduces your child to early academics in a way that it indeed works as a concrete foundation for their further studies. They make the learning process easy and exciting for children. Pre-school motivates them to learn pre-literacy skills, including narrative skills, phonological awareness and vocabulary.

Boosts social skills

Pre-school serves as an excellent platform for kids to meet different people, including teachers, peers, and parents. This contributes a lot to develop their socializing skills. Regardless of how introverted, fussy or reserved a child may be, pre-school manages to bring out their cooperative and interactive aspects.

Let's the child explore

A step outside the home is a step towards the world. Sending your kid to the kindergarten makes them see, observe and experience things by themselves. The preschoolers learn conversations, explorations, and experimentations, using their curiosity and energy appropriately.

Helps to share the same wavelength with peers

A child with pre-school studies is aware of the academic basics and other required skills. While having no pre-school background can make it a bit tough for kids to cope with their peers at kindergarten. Hence, to avoid making your child feel any less, it is beneficial to send them to pre-school.

Disadvantages of Sending Kids to Preschool

The pressure of early academics

It is mandatory to choose a play-based pre-school if you have any plans to send your child over there. Do not choose a nursery that focuses excessively on academics as it can be overwhelming for kids. Refuse to send your munchkin to a pre-school that overlooks their childhood.

Excitement to learn new things doesn't sustain

Pre-kindergarten can be both exciting and boring. Some nurseries nourish the early learning phase of a child with various aspects. They teach different skills and academics, which may feel like repetition to kids in their kindergarten. Their excitement level doesn't match others, nor do they stay curious enough to deep dive in it.

No room for development delays

Every child is different, and that's what makes them unique. However, not all pre-schools have a similar approach for children that are slow at physical and cognitive growth. The sort-of biased environment can be unsettling for a child as they'd constantly feel isolated from the group.

Hinders the freedom

Childhood is the most cherishable and carefree phase in a kid's life, and who knows that better than we adults.
So, do not force or push your toddler to attend pre-school. The source isn't important when it comes to learning; what matters is how much your kid is self-learning and exploring the world with his baby steps.

Nevertheless, have an apt vision and intend for sending your kid to pre-school. We can comprehend the situation of working parents and their need to send their child to nursery. However, it is mandatory for parents to equally understand their child’s state of mind and willingness to go to a pre-school.

Do not force your kid to do anything at the cost of their peace, freedom and happiness because it's all that matters.

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