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An Ideal Routine For Kids To Follow

An Ideal Routine For Kids To Follow

Toddlers are great to spend time with, but it's undoubtedly not a play in the park for parents at times. Either working or staying home, parents have to create a toddler-friendly schedule. Some parents want their kids to go to preschool, while some parents don't choose to send their toddlers to preschool at an early age.

Hence, it is exemplary to create an ideal daily routine for your kid, irrespective of the situation. To have a daily routine for children is like rooting a good habit for a lifetime. A daily schedule makes the child feel more confident as they eat well, sleep better, and feel energetic. Moreover, the routine you create for your toddler helps you to get through the day without much fuss.

Setting an ideal schedule for a toddler can be perplexing because every child functions differently. However, here's what we have got to tell you about how to create a daily routine for a toddler:

An Ideal Schedule for Preschoolers or Toddlers to Follow

Wake Up, Brush, Breakfast

Early is a great time to start. So, teach your kid to wake up early in the morning as it'll be good practice when they join the school. It is essential to keep the kids conscious about their cleanliness which begins with the mouth, brushing their teeth, and eventually letting them do it without your help.

Ensure always to feed a healthy breakfast to your child because kids who eat healthier are more likely to be physically active.

Make Bed, Clean Up, and Get Dressed

As children grow, it is essential to teach them to make their beds tidy. This gets them into a habit of completing a chore and starting the day positively.

Next is bath time. One of the most playful yet essential tasks for kids is to bathe, clean up and get dressed. If you're stepping out with the child or staying at home, consider teaching the child to keep clean and dress up daily. When children get dressed by themselves, it builds their self-esteem, and they develop a sense of achievement.


Whether introverted or extroverted, every child needs individual playtime. Therefore, let your child have that playtime where they can get to explore, have some free play, get their hands on creativity or do anything they like. Individual playtime for kids builds their imagination and creativity and makes them less dependent on others to have fun.


Childhood is the proper phase to incorporate chore time into your toddler's daily routine. Kids are more likely to imitate the behavior they witness, so ensure to do the cleaning and chores daily with your kid to make it a part of their routine. Start small by instructing your child to keep the dishes post lunch, clean their dining area and be gentle through the process.


Kids quickly get hungry and may also behave cranky at times. Therefore, consider having a fixed meal time daily to keep your child's tantrums at bay. Try to have fun during mealtime, encouraging your child to eat healthy food happily.

Learn a Skill

Get a time set for your kiddo to learn new stuff or try their hands on recent activities. Whether it's reading practice, learning phoenix, or painting, let the child get their hands on developing a skill daily for at least twenty to thirty minutes.

Nap Time

A kid must have nap time. Naps give a child's mind and body rest, and they wake up more charged for the rest of the day. Hence, if your child doesn't take a nap, consider having a quiet time that gives them a little rest.

TV or Outdoor Playtime

After nap time is a great time for your kid to watch their favorite show or indulge in other screen time if you allow it. But ideally, it is recommended to step out with your child and let them have free playtime. You can also visit a park with your kid and let them explore nature.

Family Time and Dinner

It's that time of the day when everyone is present at the dinner table. So IT is a special time for the family to have dinner together with all the love and giggles at the dining table.


Follow the bedtime routine for your kid to clean up, potty, drink water, get the PJs on, and tuck in the bed. You can also narrate bedtime stories to your kiddo. Have a proper sleeping environment for your child.

Consider incorporating the activities in your child's schedule that are light and don't exhaust them. Above all, keep the screens aside and spend time with your child as it's the best time of their daily routine. Have patience and be flexible with the schedule.