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How Ayurvedic Chocovita is best for your child’s Health?

How Ayurvedic Chocovita is best for your child’s Health?

A little sip of a soft drink may not harm your child but you will resist giving it. An extra layer of cheese may be fine someday but you will avoid it for your child. Because that doesn’t fit in your daily nutritional chart of your child. This is how moms are and it's absolutely fine being a fussy mom.

BabyOrgano Herbal Chocovita is also made by a fussy mom like you.

Milk is the best source of nutrition but in recent times, milk alone is just not enough for the complete nutrition of a child. A toddler should have at least 350ml and 400ml of milk a day. But, children usually avoid having plain white milk and need some flavor to make the drink more interesting.

As a parent you need to make sure that the added supplement is not just a flavor but it is also healthy and safe for the child.

BabyOrgano Chocovita is a perfect combination of good health and great taste. Parents love it because of its nutritional value and children enjoy its great taste. Every sip of your toddler’s milk will enhance his health and immunity.

Making of BabyOrgano Herbal Chocovita

  1. Enriched with Powerful Herbs:
  2. Chocovita is filled with 15+ powerful Ayurvedic herbs to fulfil the daily nutrition needs of growing kids.

  3. No preservatives:
  4. As a mom you would always want your children to stay away from harmful preservatives, we know that and hence our powerful formula is free from harmful preservatives & refined sugar.

  5. Health + Taste:
  6. Children will fall in love with the rich chocolate flavor of Herbal ChocoVita.

Key Ingredients &  Benefits

Each Jar of 300gms BabyOrgano ChocoVita is packed with powerful herbs including Ashwagandha, Satavari, Brahmi, Tulsi, Gokshur, and Punarnava.

Benefits of BabyOrgano Herbal Chocovita

  • Ashwagandha helps to Enhance Muscle Growth and Strength.
  • Brahmi helps to increase Focus and Attention.
  • Satavari boosts Immune System
  • Gokshur helps to Increase the Functioning of the Brain and also plays a vital role in Bodybuilding
  • Punarnava helps in flushing out toxins from the body without the loss of Essential Nutrients & Minerals.
  • Tulsi is rich in Vitamin C and Zinc and serves as Natural Immunity Booster and keeps Infections away.

So, when you choose BabyOrgano Chocovita you can be sure it’s discovered and tested by the toughest expert – a mom like you.

Herbal Chocovita

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