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Things to look for in a Baby Shampoo

Things to look for in a Baby Shampoo

Moms & Dads have been increasingly paranoid about ingredients that go into the baby products, especially when it comes to skin care products. They have been scrolling through the reviews to find the best for their babies. This is because baby’s skin in more sensitive and delicate, hence, daily care products should be mild and natural.

The market is flooded with baby care products and it has become tough for parents to make the right choice. All brands have been using different ingredients, but one thing is sure, baby care soaps and shampoos should be gentle on skin without any dangerous chemicals.

Parents should pay close attention to skin care products of babies and find what should be and what should not be in it.

Here is a list of what you should look for while buying a baby shampoo:

Baby Shampoo Should Not Contain

  1. Baby Shampoos should not contain parabens as they have multiple health risks including cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, neuro-toxicity and skin irritation. So, avoid baby shampoos containing parabens.
  2. Baby shampoos should not contain any synthetic colours and fragrances. Because fragrances are associated with hormone disruption, skin & respiratory allergies.
  3. Baby Shampoos should not contain any chemicals that are harmful for baby’s skin or cause allergy.
  4. Baby Shampoos should not cause any side-effects on skin. They should be free from sulphates or phthalates.

Baby Shampoo Should Contain

  1. Baby Shampoos should have natural ingredients that are safe for baby’s skin and hair. They can be made of any natural fruits or vegetables.
  2. Baby Shampoos should be rich in vitamins that are good for baby’s scalp and promote hair growth.
  3. Baby Shampoos should be organic and tear free. Babies should not have tears in eyes while wash. They should be mild and gentle on baby’s skin and yet give soft and shiny hair.
  4. Look for baby shampoos that are quality tested and approved by regulatory authorities.

There might be many baby shampoos available in market but parents usually prefer safe and tear-free shampoo for babies. Because they do not want their children to expose to harmful chemicals that may cause reaction on baby’s skin. Always read labels and check for ingredients before buying any baby care products. Also, choose an age-appropriate shampoo for babies and wash your child’s hair every week.

Happy Bathing!!