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How To Deal With Burnout As A Single Mom

How To Deal With Burnout As A Single Mom

Becoming parents is a badge of honor for both a mother and a father, but a single mother owns two badges with double efforts and double pride. Yes, you got that right. Being a single mother, either by choice or by fate, can be a challenging task that causes major burnout. A child always tops the parents' priority list, and so is with single mothers. At times, single moms try to overdo things with the thought that their hustle to fill the void of the other person will be fruitful. However, in the process of getting it all done, single moms often face an inner war of emotions as they want to give the best of everything to their kids.

Single moms often have financial concerns, juggling household chores, societal pressure, work-life balance, and lack of time for their child. So, we're here to tell single moms to pause, sit, and go through the tips that can help them deal with burnout as single mothers.

Ways to combat burnout as a single mother

Plan ahead

Single moms must plan things as they cannot just go with the flow. It is important to plan things, whether you’re routine or finances. Mostly, financial challenges are stressful for single moms as they are the only earning person to cope with every need and desire of their kids. Hence, it is recommended to have smart investments for the child's secure future. Ensure to be ready for all the odds and plan accordingly to keep the stress at bay if you have enough savings.

Make time for yourself

We know it can be hard to be a single mom but don't be hard on yourself. Make some time for yourself because you deserve that. Imagine how a physically, mentally and emotionally unfit mother can function forever? So, have a routine for yourself to avoid burnout. Set your skincare routine, have your workout or yoga sessions, go out with your friends, read or just nap. Do anything that revitalizes and relaxes you so that you can be with your kiddo with pumped-up energy.

Skip the guilt

Those little voices in your head won't stop telling you that you're not putting in enough effort, you are terrible at being a single mother, or how you can take time for yourself at the cost of your kid. Well, make sure to shut them up and not let mom guilt take charge of your mental peace. The guilt of not being there for your child can be draining for single moms, but it is important to know that you cannot always multitask, and that is completely fine.

Build a support system

Lack of a support system can also be one of the reasons for burnout in single mothers. Therefore, it is significant for you to surround yourself with supportive people, whether they are your parents, friends, colleagues or a social media group of fellow mothers. You need to have someone to look after your child if you fall sick or when you have other commitments. Plus, having someone else for your kid will also help them socialize and trust others apart from you.

Take care of your mental health

The mental health of a mother is directly proportional to a child's mental health. Anxiety and depression can easily sneak into your mind to disrupt your mental health. Hence, do not be the prey of it. If required, also have therapies or counseling. But, consider not doing anything to the detriment of your mental health. Have yoga sessions, meditate, have frequent outings with your child and declutter your mind.

Be there for your kid

No devices or other distractions in the world can fill the void of a parent that a child feels. So, instead of struggling to provide material stuff and trying to do it all, try to spend maximum time with your kiddo. A smile and a warm hug from your kid can take away all the stress from a long tiresome day. So, plan outings, play games, cook meals, read, watch movies and do all the fun activities together. Because in the end, your child needs you and your time above everything else. So make memories that your kid can always cherish.

Plan your days and live your life so that being a single mother becomes an everyday adventure yet fun to wake up to. Moreover, know that your child will always love you and be there for you no matter what because you are the best for them. A big hug to all the single moms out there!