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What Parents Need To Know About Flat Feet In Kids

What Parents Need To Know About Flat Feet In Kids

As parents, we are very mindful of every detail of our kids. Especially in their growing years, parents diligently supervise a child's every activity and action. However, it can be a matter of concern if parents find a bit of a thing that appears unusual in their child.

Speaking of unusualities, if you notice a characteristic of a fallen arch or flat feet in children, then it can be alarming.

While most parents may or may not be aware of this condition, it is pivotal to have a clue about it. Hence, here's all you need to know about flat feet in kids.

What are fleet feet in kids?

The feet condition in kids is only recognized when they start walking. Generally, there are three types of flat feet possibilities in kids.

Flexible or fallen arch feet
If you notice a child's feet, you can see the arch disappear, and when they walk, the arch reappears; this is known as flexible flat feet.

Rigid flat feet
Rigid flat feet, as the name suggests, are feet that are flatter from the bottom and possess no arch while a kid is sitting or standing. This condition is rare but may cause spinal cord disorders, foot structure, or brain disorders such as cerebral palsy.

Vertical Talus
Vertical Talus is a rare congenital condition in babies by birth. It causes the misalignment of the legs and bones of the feet, leading to extreme flat feet, also known as the rocker-bottom foot. Though vertical talus does not create a major problem at a child's early age, it can result in disability and pain if left untreated.

What problems do flat feet cause in children

Children's flat feet aren't a major concern for parents to be anxious as it is a natural part of their development. A child's body develops gradually with their growth, and it can be too early to diagnose a child with flat feet that require serious attention. Therefore, do not rush or worry and let the child outgrow their flat feet along with their development. However, it is crucial to note down the problems flat feet cause so that you can consider if a toddler does have flat feet even after an early age.

  • Muscle weakness
  • Awkward walking pattern
  • Toe walking
  • Joint pain
  • Improper foot development
  • Foot stiffness

Ways to care for toddler's feet

  • Do not overuse footwear for your kids at an early age
  • Give a regular foot massage
  • Regularly clean your child's feet, even between the toes.
  • Choose comfortable socks for your kid so that they can move freely.
  • Let the kid be barefoot and encourage them to run or walk on surfaces without footwear

Moreover, if a kid's condition requires medical attention and it's symptomatic, then ensure to visit the pediatrician immediately. Follow the prescribed medication, gauge your child's physical activities and avoid certain activities that cause foot pain for a stipulated time as the doctor advises. Only use appropriate footwear for the kid with flat feet, and ask the doctor for further guidance.

Are flat feet in kids a serious condition?

If a toddler is diagnosed with rigid flat feet, it may involve surgery or other serious treatment, which is a rare case. Furthermore, a child with flexible feet is very normal, but if you have an ounce of doubt, directly consult your doctor and have regular checkups for your kiddo. Be patient enough to let your child grow and develop gradually and support their natural development process.