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How To Make Your Kids' Experience Holi?

How To Make Your Kids' Experience Holi?

Holi is the festival of colors.

Holi is one of the most vibrant festivals in India.

Holi ............ Okay, done with the cliche intro.

We all know what holi is, but now it’s time for your li’l world to experience holi and how we celebrate that festival.

Kids are always curious to learn and experience new things, and it’s you who can make holi celebrations to be his one of the best childhood memories. Along with our legacy, we also pass on our culture and traditions, which are precious. Hence, the mother and the entire family tries to express and experience festivities to the blooming generation in several ways.

Undoubtedly, moms have this built-in quality to make every occasion memorable though we are here to sprinkle some glitter in it. There are endless ways to make your baby’s holi gleeful, so we’ve handpicked the best few just for you. Let’s begin!

Narrate stories

Every festival in India is based on mythological events that happened in history and became a core reason for the festivities we celebrate. It is significant for kids to know why we are doing a certain thing before we implement that; kids need reasoning and what can be best than narrating stories. Therefore, ensure to tell them a story that explains why we celebrate holi.


Share the purpose of celebrating holi

Holi festival is the perfect blend of social, cultural, and natural significance. There are various aspects of holi, which makes it an immensely exciting and joyful festivity. It is ardent for children to be aware of the purpose behind celebrating holi, which are:

1. Holika Dahan symbolizes the victory of good over bad, indicating burning the evil outside and within.
2. Celebrating Rang Panchami symbolizes unity. Despite different caste, colors, statuses and creeds, we humans speak the language of colors and love on the occasion of Rang Panchami.

Read books about Holi to your child

Imagination plays a vital role in child development. So, it is recommended to read the books of the occasion prior to its onset. The more you read and share your experience comprehensively about holi or any festival, the more curiosity it creates in their mind. Imagination helps children visualize things in their world and accelerates their urge to experience the same in reality.

Indulge in Holi Activities

The festival of holi is much more than holi arts and activities to do or DIY stuff. There are several things you can involve your child in such as holi shopping. Let them choose their colors, water balloons, and pichkaris. On the day of Holika Dahan, take your kid to the place where they create sacred holi, or you can also assist them in creating their own.

Include your kid in the arrangements

The beauty of Indian festivals is that it comprises different activities for all family members. And, it’s the perfect time for moms to grab this opportunity and involve your li’l one with the holi arrangements. As a team, you and your kid can prepare holi desserts; you can both decorate a house or backyard that gives holi feels and vibes for the celebrations and a lot more. The intent here is to make your child experience the process between the holi preparations and the D-day celebrations.

Let there be colors and giggles

Above all other aspects, holi is a festival of colors, and that’s why let your kid get drenched into its vibrancy. Ensure to use organic colors, use pichkaris safely, and teach consent before putting color on anyone. Definitely, keep a watch on your kiddo but don’t be too strict on them; after all, Bura na mano-Holi Hai! Let your child spread lots of colors, love, and happiness.

Apart from the fun, know that safety is sacrosanct and cannot be compromised. Therefore, take all the safety measures for kids before and even while enjoying the holi fest. Happy Holi to all you beautiful people!