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How to take care of baby skin during winters

How to take care of baby skin during winters

Winter season can be stressful not only for the newborns, toddlers and growing kids but also for their parents. Cool temperature causes baby skin to dry and turn chappy which may further lead to redness and itchiness. Hence, during winters it becomes vital to look after the gentle and soft skin of a child even during the winters. As a caregiver, you can consider these steps to keep your child’s skin replenished, refreshed and revived during the winters too.

1. Bath your baby for a short duration

Bathing is good to maintain personal hygiene, but during winter it is advisable to keep bath time short, especially for newborns and children. Rather, during winter, there is not much need to bathe your newborn daily. If you bathe your baby three times a week, this is also fine. During non-bathing days, you can take a sponge bath. Excess contact with water also makes the skin dry and chappy.

2. Select moisturizing soap

With so much of market competition, it becomes difficult to select the best for baby when it comes to baby care products. In this case, select those baby soaps which can give a good moisturizing and soothing effect on your baby’s skin. Try those baby products which are mild, gentle and has fewer chemical ingredients. Do not go for those ‘fake’ and ‘misleading’ statements usually made by the brands. And lastly, do not rub your child’s skin with the towel, rather simply pat dry it.

3. Use moisturizer after bath

Moisturizers are super helpful in keeping skin nourished and soft. Hence, use mild moisturizer for your baby’s skin which can provide moisturization for long hours without damaging the skin texture. There are several good moisturizers for baby’s skin in the market who caters the need but choose the right product for your baby according to its skin type. If your child’s skin is super dry, prefer cream instead of body lotion.

4. Do not use room heaters much

Usually, during winters, many of us use room heaters to keep our rooms warm. However, many of us do not know that using room heaters for prolonged hours, skin gets dry and rough because as the air gets drier, it evaporates the moisture from the skin too.

Continuous exposure to warmer air can make our skin damaged, and so it happens with baby’s skin too, which is more sensitive and vulnerable. Therefore, do not use room heaters or humidifiers much for your little one unless it is very much required.

5. Laundry detergent plays a major role too

Laundry detergents are made with harsh chemicals and are therefore harsh to the soft and delicate skin of the baby. If the detergent is not washed properly, it can also cause skin rashes and infections. Therefore, prefer lighter and gentle laundry detergents for your little one. There are many good brands in the market, which make laundry detergents, especially for baby clothes.