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7 Easy ways to boost brain development in kids

7 Easy ways to boost brain development in kids

A child's early years are always important because during these years he develops not only physically but also mentally. And this is possible when the child receives loving and language-rich experiences from its parents. The following easy tips can help to stimulate brain development in a child.

1. Stick out your tongue

Sticking your tongue out at different angles may sound silly and funny, but this gesture is helpful in encouraging babies to practice tongue control, which can further help them in eating and speech development. Furthermore, it helps the parents to establish communication with the child.

2. Tummy Time

Tummy time is a state of resting on the stomach. It is an important tool that can be used in the proper development of a baby’s brain and body. It encourages a baby to use its limbs to reach, pull, push and kick. All these motor skill activities are possible when a child is using neural networks that are functioning inside the brain.

3. Sing a song to your child

Singing a song to your child is one of the playful as well as effective ways to boost brain development in a child. The song can be any of your favourites. Sing this song to your child for a few times to see if your child is trying to repeat the words of this song. If he does, it means that this activity is engaging for your child and he is enjoying it too.

4. Describe what you see

Describing about any picture or object in a book, or describing anything that you see, is one of the best ways to boost brain development in a child. It helps a child to identify and understand about any particular object which has been shown to him. It helps in building active listening skills and memorizing power. Indicate and name things like the sky, trees and birds, and promote infant brain development by using words to describe the different areas you are visiting.

5. Mealtime is learning time

Mealtime is also a learning time for a growing toddler. At the time you serve food to your child, ask him to tell how he likes the food. Tell him about the different tastes, how he can eat food properly by holding a spoon, etc. This kind of interaction helps a baby to develop his brain functioning power.

6. Story time

When you tell a story to your child, he not only listens to it, but also starts imagining it. This helps in boosting the brain development in children. And also sometimes, ask your child to tell you a story and enjoy his creativity and imagination.

7. Diaper changing

Yes, diaper changing can also be an ideal time to bring language into your child’s life. While changing his diaper, you can talk to him describing what you’re doing now and what you’re going to do next, etc. This helps a baby to set up a certain pattern in his day’s routine. And all this will result in brain development.

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