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Important tips on Baby Care in Winters

Important tips on Baby Care in Winters

When it comes to a baby’s first winters, one has to be more careful as well as cautious. We all understand that in comparison to older kids, newborns are more vulnerable and prone to cold caused due to the change in weather. Here are some good tips on baby care during winters.

  1. Clothing - Since your baby’s skin is sensitive and vulnerable to skin damage, hence it is vital to choose to clothe for your child wisely. The woollen clothes should be soft and gentle for your baby’s skin. They should not be harsh, which can lead to rashes due to friction. Moreover, woollen clothes should provide comfort and warmth to the baby, not the feeling of suffocation or discomfort. Never overdress your child.
  2. Use room humidifier - If you reside in a place where the temperature drops more during the winters, then it is good to use a room humidifier. This is a kind of room heater for your baby. However, a typical room heater makes the room temperature dry and it is not good for long hours of usage, whereas, these room humidifiers keep the room temperature moist and comfortable while providing proper warmth to the baby. It is safe too if being used for prolonged hours.
  3. Massage your baby well - A good body massage helps a baby in several ways. Massage not only stimulates the soft tissues of the body helping to release toxins but also encourage relaxation and happy mood. Therefore, if you massage your baby well during winters, your baby will feel more relaxed and calm with improved digestion.
  4. Use gentle baby products - Baby products have a greater impact on a newborn’s wellbeing. Therefore use gentle and mild products for your baby. Use good skin moisturizer during winters. Because chemical-loaded baby products make the baby skin dry and often leads to rashes which get exaggerated during winters. Therefore, prefer chemical-free and mild body moisturizer for your baby.

Last but not least, the newborn baby needs utmost care and attention whenever the season changes. Hence be extra cautious about those triggers points which can make your child ill. As the newborn’s immunity is under the developing stage, hence it is more vulnerable to seasonal cold and flu.