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Introducing Yoga and Mindfulness to kids

Introducing Yoga and Mindfulness to kids

Mindfulness, in simple terms, means to be aware of what is happening in present. It is a gentle way of accepting now, this moment, letting the emotions come and go without any thoughts over it. Our children are constantly in front of the screens, watching and learning over it. However, screen time and constant activities can be overwhelming for a child, mindfulness will help them to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and stay happier.

Along with Mindfulness Yoga can also help our children to build inner strength both physically and mentally. By integrating yoga with mindfulness, we can create body awareness and improve their concentration and memory. Yoga can help to develop physical strength and flexibility while mindfulness can help to build emotional and mental stability.

How to introduce Mindfulness to kids?

Mindfulness to kids


Mindfulness can be taught to children from a very early age. The best way to introduce it is by self-practice. Mindfulness cannot be taught in institutions parents and caregivers should reflect in behaviour. When a child needs the attention of a parent, be there, talk to them, maintain eye contact, and do not get distracted. Children see and learn, hence the mindfulness trainers strongly work on keeping all distractions away and focusing on the child.

Try making it a family habit incorporate it into our daily routine. Start with easy breathing exercises, go with the rhythm, and set the flow. Try to listen mindfully and treat well everyone around you .Try to go for a nature walk or meditate with family, it may not be for a longer period but try to grab their attention for short bursts of time.

How to introduce Yoga to kids?

How to introduce Yoga to kids

Like Mindfulness make Yoga a daily practice at home. Yoga can be introduced to kids in the living room, practice in front of them and they are sure to imitate you. Parents can be positive role models for children, try to be energetic and happy while practicing Yoga. Teach basic asanas and chanting of Aum. This will have a lasting effect on a child’s mind and eventually lead to meditation and mindfulness.

Do not rush with all asanas at one go, make it fun and simple. Introduce age-appropriate asanas and let their body adapt. Teach them to breathe, concentrate and control the breath and gradually move on to pranayama and asanas.

Yoga and Mindfulness will help your children connect with their inner selves and stay grounded. In a world full of distractions, children will learn to concentrate and focus on themselves and their strengths.