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New Born Sneezing is normal? When to worry?

New Born Sneezing is normal? When to worry?

The health of a baby is probably the most important thing on the mind of their parents. Although they might ignore large discomforts for themselves even the smallest problem or health issue for their child is one of the largest concerns for them. This issue is escalated when it comes to a new-born as they are often fragile and still developing their immunity. In those circumstances, it is normal for the parents to worry about the smallest illness. One of the most often asked questions is if it is normal for a new-born to sneeze and when should the same be considered as a problem.

Is sneezing bad for the baby?

One of the first things to address is that sneezing is not a sign that your new-born is not well and in fact, it is the opposite. Sneezing proves that the baby’s nervous system is functioning properly as it is a reflex being controlled by the nervous system.

Since a baby has a smaller nasal passage as compared to an adult, it may lead to sneezing to clear the passage. The baby may also sneeze as it is learning to breathe and they may breathe through their mouth which may also lead to sneezing.

Sneezing is how new-borns generally expel germs from their system which may have accumulated as generally a new-born might be touched by various people enthused to see a new-born. The body’s defense mechanism activates and tries to clear any germs which may be through the way of sneezing.

When should sneezing worry the parents?

Sneezing, although normal in many circumstances is not normal always. Parents should look out for the frequency of sneezing and any accompanying symptoms with sneezing to find out if the baby is acting normally or is sick.

If the baby is sneezing too frequently, it may be a sign of a respiratory infection and it would be wise to consult a doctor for the same. Sneezing if accompanied by symptoms such as cough, or breathing issues, or fever as well as fussiness in eating should ideally not be ignored and it is better to consult one’s doctor.

Excessive sneezing accompanied by other symptoms is when parents must turn precautionary for once. Excessive sleeping along with sneezing is also something that should be monitored. However, when it comes to an excessive amount of sleep, the excess should be compared against the normal sleep pattern of the child and not as per what is being said by another person regarding their child.


The Human Body has its system to expel and repel germs as well as any other irritants which might hamper its normal processes. Sneezing is the body’s way of clearing your little one’s nose or clearing out germs that might have entered the body. Sneezing is normal and it indicates that the body is trying to set up a proper function. It would be wise not to read into sneezing too much until and unless it is accompanied by varied symptoms and continues for a while.