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List of Homemade Healthy Drink Mix Recipes for Kids

List of Homemade Healthy Drink Mix Recipes for Kids

Are you tired of looking for ways to make your child get the best nutrition? Do you like to try preparing some delectable and even healthy meals that are simple to make? If Yes, let us discuss further.

Store-bought health drink mixes often have added preservatives and a lot of sugar. This is a bad choice since it might make your child hyper and deprive them of the nutrition they need to thrive. Long-term health issues for your child could emerge from this. So, why not make a homemade healthy drink for kids?

That way, you can not only control what your child eats and drinks but also know that the ingredients used do not have preservatives or extra added sugar.

In this article, we have listed healthy drinks for your kid. These can be simply prepared at home for your children and are divided into milk-based and fruit-based recipes.

List of Homemade Healthy Drinks for Kids

Let's have a look at some delicious, nutritious milk-based drink recipes that you can make at home quickly.

  1. Milk-based Drink Mixes

    Milk is one of the staple drinks doctors prescribe for children. All these recipes use cow's milk, but if your child is lactose intolerant or you follow a vegan meal plan, then you can change it with any milk you prefer:

    1. Multigrain health drink:

      This is the perfect health drink for your child. It is explicitly made from ingredients such as sago, cashew nuts, millet, pistachios, almonds, and horse grams. You can also mix the multigrain health drink with water and make porridge or make breakfast items like dosas and pancakes with the mix. This drink does not have any preservatives, extra sugar or artificial flavouring. This makes it a perfect energy booster. It is also perfect for providing your fussy eaters with all the nutrition they need in one go.

    2. Dried dates (kharik) powder:

      Dates are known to be packed with nutrients, vitamins, and fibres. They also help boost energy and increase brain development. It also acts as a natural sweetener. This means that it can be added to your kid's milk to provide energy, iron, and minerals while sweetening the drink at the same time.

      Dried dates can also help prevent anaemia and other illnesses like allergies and inflammations. Giving your child this concoction of sweet and sugary goodness can help make them stronger without feeling guilty!

    3. Ragi badam malt powder:

      If you are looking for options on how to make healthy drink mixes for kids at home, then the Ragi Badam Malt powder is perfect for you. Also known as ragi porridge or ragi java, this mix is made with water, ragi flour, and jaggery.

      Dosas, idlis, and parathas are just a few of the meals that can be made using this superfood. Ragi malt is suitable for hot summer months as it is quite cooling and should be included in moderate levels as it can lead to constipation.

    4. Haldi masala milk:

      Haldi milk, or liquid gold as our grandmothers would call it, is a perfect blend of spice with milk to give that feeling of nostalgia. This drink's anti-inflammatory qualities can aid in lowering anxiety, digestive difficulties, asthma, and gum problems.

      You can easily make this drink in 2 minutes and help your kid during the flu season. You can grind a piece of haldi with black pepper, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and allspice (optional). Add some of the powder to a glass of milk and honey to taste.

    5. Protein powder:

      Your child may need some extra nutrition or protein that the food they eat does not provide. Just mix pumpkin, sunflower, chia, and flax seeds and leave it to soak overnight. In the morning, grind it up and mix the powder with your child's milk. Add a little honey to sweeten it. This will give your kid healthy fats to give them the nutrients they are missing.

    6. Hot chocolate mix:

      Nothing is more comforting than a cup of steaming hot chocolate in winter. But having a chocolate drink doesn't mean rotting your kid's teeth. Chocolate in small quantities improves blood flow and has antioxidant properties.

      To make the drink more flavorful and beneficial for your kids, you can make the homemade healthy drink for kids version with cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract, honey, and salt. For flavour, you can also add some almonds, cashews, or walnuts.

    7. Immunobooster drinks:

      Winter always brings in lower immunity in children. You can make an immune booster drink mix with oats, assorted seeds and nuts, and wheat dalia. You can add this mix to one glass of milk to make a perfect blend of taste and nutrition to help boost their immunity during the cold winter months.

    8. Kesar badam milk drink:

      Every mother and child's favourite drink is the kesar badam milk. The kesar helps remove any taste of milk that most kids hate. It also helps boost immunity and improve bone strength. It also helps boost memory power and improve cognitive functions. Just mix some almonds, a glass of milk, some ground cardamom, sugar, and a pinch of saffron.

  2. Fruit-based Drink Mixes

    If your kid is a picky eater and does not like eating fruits, you can always change their tastes with these fruit and vegetable smoothies.

    1. Banana smoothie:

      For improving a child's overall mineral intake, banana smoothies can be made with just three ingredients - ripe bananas, water, and honey. Add all these ingredients right to the blender and store them in the fridge. These smoothies are perfect coolers for a hot summer day.

    2. Berry smoothie:

      This concoction is rich in antioxidants and fibres. They are even a good provider of potassium and calcium. One of the best parts of a berry smoothie is the flavour – berries tend to be sweet and tangy – flavours all kids enjoy.

    3. Carrot and apple smoothie:

      The apple and carrot smoothie is perfect if you want to add a little vegetable to your child's diet. The carrot and apple smoothie is rich in antioxidants and multivitamins. Just mix yoghurt, half a cup of carrot juice, and half a cup of apple juice with a little bit of lime. You can serve this tangy juice with ice to keep cool during the hot summer months.

    4. The morning starter smoothie:

      Is your child a late riser? Want to know how to make healthy drink mixes for kids that will jump-start their mornings? Then, the morning starter smoothie is for you. Mix one banana, half a cup of yoghurt, 1 cup milk, 2 spoons of almond powder, and 1 spoon of roasted and ground flax seeds. Blend these and add honey to taste

    5. Apple cider smoothie:

      We all know the assistance of apple cider vinegar for adults, but it is also suitable for children. Kids can improve their Vitamin B1, B2, B6, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium levels. Mix two precise teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with two spoons of honey and cold water.

    6. Orange and carrot juice:

      This tasty orange and carrot juice for kids helps boost immunity and reduce fatigue. This juice works for a long day at school for your kid. Mix one cup of orange juice to one cup of carrot juice and add some honey.

      To give your child a surge of energy right before they sit down to study, these ingredients help create the ideal blend of salt, sweet, and sour.

    7. Mixed fruit smoothie:

      Does your child love fruits? But they are too active to sit and eat a fruit at peace? Then, just make a smoothie. You can add anything from apples and bananas to some exotic fruits such as kiwis or peaches. Just blend all the fruits together in a blender and add some honey. This yummy drink is perfect for boosting the energy of your child.

    8. Mixed berry juice:

      Berries are little boosters that contain fibre, vitamins and minerals. Just adding a single glass of berry juice has more nutrients than two meals combined.

      You can make a smoothie with strawberries, cranberries, or raspberries. Bananas can also be included. Blend these with ice and store them in nice glass jars.

Moving Forward with Homemade Healthy Drink for Kids

Tired of trying to get your child to eat food that is nutritious? Feeling guilty when you see the roti or palak curry left behind on your child's plate? You can now make sure that your child gets everything they need nutritionally with our list of homemade drinks and juices.

These easy, homemade healthy drinks for kids can provide your children with the nourishment they require and offer you guilty-free moments, knowing that you are giving them the best.

So, now is the time to know which healthy drinks are your child's favourite and which are still a battle waiting to be won with your little one.

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