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Mild Monsoon Baby care

Mild Monsoon Baby care

After long sunny days, the monsoon season is a respite from the high temperature. The temperature becomes pleasant and, the heat subdues. You might think it's time to rest but, there are no holidays when it comes to rearing a child. As the air is loaded with a lot of moisture, it allows the growth of bacteria and funguses, which makes children vulnerable to catching diseases. And as the water stagnates it becomes filthy, which encourages mosquitoes to breed.

Also, the temperature keeps fluctuating, which is another for your kid falls ill. However, there are always ways to be prepared for what might be coming because prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips that will help you gear up for the monsoon season

  • Clothing

    when it comes down to clothing ensure that your baby wears comfortable clothes. Cotton is a preferable material as it is light and breathable. If you are taking your kid out then opt for full sleeves bottom and top so that mosquitos don’t bite them. Damp clothes are a strict NO as they cause fungal infections, so always dry damp clothes under the sun before using them.

  • Boiled water

    Keep your baby hydrated, dehydration can cause low blood pressure and the child can faint as well. Boil the water before letting them consume it. Boiling will kill all the germs and make it safe for your kid to drink. Let it cool for some time.

  • Wet diapers

    diapers are a hassle-free and it gives you all the reason to keep your baby in diapers 24*7 but never underestimate diaper breaks. Frequent diaper breaks are necessary for the infant as it permits the skin to breathe freely and also prevents rashes. If you spot any rashes then just clean the area with a wipe and either use any lotion or powder and just leave the area untouched.

  • Whether it is summer or monsoon this step is a must. Keep your baby clean so that they can be cheerful. For newborns bathing 2-3 times per week is sufficient but clean their genitals, underarm face, etc. thoroughly. If it’s them no bath day then give them a sponge bath. Use a fresh towel every time and pat them dry. You can also use a mild moisturizer if the baby’s skin is dry. You can massage them for better blood circulation and then wash them off while bathing.
  • Keep your home neat and clean and, don’t let water collect near your residence. Whenever you see stagnant water try to clean it or ask someone to help you with it this way you will not only save your child but also a lot of others. Use disinfectants to clean your home and get a pest control treatment done before the onset of the rainy season.